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  1. I got my Epi Genesis 2 years ago and I love it. I've played and owned guitars of different stripes, but this is my favorite and the one I use most of the time. The only thing lacking was a good tremelo. How to get one without routing and risking my Genesis? Enter the Stetsbar. I found this on the net and after a bit of research, ordered one and installed it. I had two SGs with Bigsbys, and a Charvel with a Floyd Rose. The Stetsbar is the best I've ever used. And the good news is that it installs easily with no routing or changes to the guitar. Just pull the bridge and stoptail, gently remove the bridge bushings (there's a great youtube video demonstrating how to do this with an easy to make tool from cheap parts at Home Depot) and attach the Stetsbar to the stop-tail bushings. Clear instructions are included as to how to set the Stetsbar up, then adjust action and intonation and you are ready to go.. The nut will need some graphite, and it works great. Here are before and after pics. The Stetsbar is not cheap, but worth every penny.
  2. I'd rather say what is my favorite, rather than opine over what is best. I play and Epi SG-400 Korean made, which I picked up a couple of years ago second hand. I replaced the pups with a Duncon JB bridge and Dimarzio PAF neck. I love the SG neck and found that the Epi plays better than the Gibson 1972 SG Special I used to have (but which got ripped off from my house years ago). The Gibson had P90s and a great sound, but I am happy with my Epi. However, my go to guitar for playing live is my Epi Genesis Pro. I got the blue one (convinced my wife to let me buy it 'cause it's pretty, heh). I figured I would have to upgrade the pups, but after playing it for a few days I realized that would not be necessary. I really like the pro-buckers and see no need to swap them out. I like both smooth, jazzy sounds, and lots of dirt, and the Genesis does them both great. The Geni seems like a hybrid with an SG neck and a Les Paul type thicker body, though with a better cutaway for getting those high frets. Love that guitar so much I'm thinking of getting another one and putting P90s in, just for variety. Only thing missing is a Floyd Rose, so I am thinking about getting one of these http://www.stetsbar.com/.
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