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  1. Here a Soundsample of the Oripure Alnico P90 pickups: Sorry for the sloppy playing - this was the 2nd time I played that song... 🤪 Recorded with my cellphone.
  2. I've installed new pickups on mine a few weeks ago, after I wanted more output but still the clear tones of the Blues90. I ordered a set of the Oripure Alnico 5 P90s (for about 60$ incl shipping @ amazon). They have alnico slugs, like tve Blues90 but more output. I disengaged the dummycoil, so they have more sparkle. I couldn't be happier now. Here are some pics: https://www.musiker-board.de/threads/infos-zu-oripure-pickups-spez-alnico-p90.695261/#post-8829975 Greetings from Austria
  3. As I wrote a few years ago - here's the link for some info. Greets Blueshawk
  4. Some were equiped with a tremolo but the pups are raised higher on pictures than on the string through bridges. I just wondered why I had to route my BH to make the bridge fit while the BHs that came with Maestro-tremolo were not routed. My link
  5. Does anybody know the differences between a tremolo & hardtail Blueshawk? I added a Bigsby and had to route to make the TOM-Bridge fit but the original BH with Tremolo did not require any routing as far as I can tell by the pics I've seen. Is the neck angled different? The 3way switch and the tone pot is on a different position than on hardtails. Greets from sunny Austria Blueshawk
  6. That's mine now. Did you never regret that you sold her? After the pups didn't suit my sound I was after I thought about selling it for a minute but except for the pups I loved mine so I decided to pimp mine and I couldn't be happier.
  7. I received the Mini Humbuckers a few days ago. What a great guitar. Now it sounds like it grown up. While I have had to wait for the pups I tried the stock pups, just for fun, but after half an hour I put them away. I'll keep them, just in case I'd ever sell her (no Way 😉) but I'd never use them again. Any pup would sound better than the Blues90 - that's my personal meaning. In this guitar I have tried P90 (this was not my sound), than Gibson Mini Humbucker (they sounded great but where not good matched, the bridge was too low in output and could not keep up with the neck), than I put in Häussel Tronebucker (very good pups - now installed in a Strat), after that I thought I need TV-Jones T-Armonds for 50s Rock&Roll but Pups alone can not do miracles. Although they are really unbelieveable great pups they didn't stand out, played with the whole band. So I thought, what was the best pup/guitar combination I had? The Minis where the only solution for me. And I was right. This is the sound I had in my head - they are hotter then normal Minis (10,7k &12,7k) but they clean up nicely but when I turn up the volume knob they punch you in the face. Greets Blueshawk
  8. For all Blueshawk-Lovers. The blueshawk.info site is shut down since a few months - why I don't know, but the guy who made it was sick as far as I know. Maybe he couldn't handle it any longer, but I hope he's alright. Anyways, I found a site where you can look at the homepage as PDF. Click here -> My link I will upgrade my Blueshawk with golden Mini-Humbuckers from bg-pups.com - hopefully they will arrive next week. Once I had this combination with Gibson Minis but they where not good balanced. The bridge where too low in output but I loved the sound of the Mini-humbuckers so hopefully this time it'll be a good Set - although I always had amazing stuff from Mr. Bryan Gunsher so no concerns here. Just wanted to give you all the chance to see those informations from the blueshawk site. Greetings from sunny Austria Blueshawk
  9. Do the hardtail and the Bigsby equiped have different neck angle? Because the pic above shows how high the pups has to be raised. I had to rout my hardtail Blueshawk to make the roller bridge fit. I couldn't find any Information on that. As the blueshawk.info site is closed... Maybe somebody of you guys knows about that. Have great day!
  10. Last saturday... I love my Blueshawk!
  11. I've seen the Epi Blueshawk. But I had a bad experience with Epiphone. I had a LP Plus wich was horrible. The Pickups were crap. The neck pickup was way louder than the bridge even when I screwed the neck all the way down and the bridge pup real high. There was a fret buzz at the 4th & 5th fret, needed a fretjob done by a tech. I guess nobody ever looked at it at the factory, because I had to set it up from 0. But it looked really good with its flametop & honeyburst finish and I wanted a LP but I sold it after I saw the Blueshawk and instead of the LP I found a real nice Hamer Special USA. I plugged in the Blueshawk and fell in love with her. The neck is the best I've ever played although it was sticky at the first months. I don't know what it was but after a while the "stickyness" disappeared. The strings are a bit narrower than usually but I have smaler hands so that's perfect. And with the Schaller rollerbridge I installed in combination with the Bigsby it playes like a dream and I can adjust how narrow the strings should be because the rollers are mounted on a thread - that's a cool gimmick from Schaller. If they really do a re-issue, with bigsby, maple flametop, honeyburst... I think I could fall in love. But I guess there are not enough people who'd buy it, that's why they do it with epiphone. I bet in two years they're no longer in their production line. I got my real one and love her. Greatings BH P.S.: A pic of the cool Schaller bridge - love it.
  12. Thanks Headknocker, your Nighthawk looks awesome. I hope they don't do Reissue of the Blueshawk, so it can keep it's charm of the unknown soldier. Either you love it or you hate it. Most of the people who saw my Hawk wanted to know where they can get one... They couldn't believe that they where discontinued. I bought mine new in 2006 - she waited for me over a year in the musicstore after she was born in 2005. It was love for the first sight. I got a couple of offers over the years but hey - she's my baby and she'll stay with me.
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