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  1. The heel strap button is essential. I use the strap all the time, sitting or standing. If the strap ties to the head, the guitar ends up in the wrong position. For me.
  2. Keep on writing songs. Don't get too hung up on finishing one before starting another. The more you do the better you get at doing it, and you can always go back and redo earlier stuff. As has been said your clip sounds like it's in Dm. It works Ok as a tune. What does your book say about structure, the different parts of a song and how you put them together?
  3. I would like to hazard a guess that 99.9% of all songs ever written did not follow a formula or employ strategies found in a book. This is a guess, I'm not betting any money on it. If you write a song you can have any chords you like. You are writing it, if you like it then it's right. Other people may or may not agree but they didn't write it. You did. You do not need permission. You only need agreement if you want the song to be popular. The knowledge of theory will only explain what happened after the event. The event itself is an act of creativity. It didn't exist, you wrote it and
  4. Me too with the always strapped, standing or sat. It only works if the playing position is high. Too low and the strap slides off when sitting. I like the high position, with the nut above the eye line you have a more relaxed fretting hand but you can only see the edge of the fretboard. Depending on where your picking hand crosses the body you can overcome an over heavy neck/head and the high neck angle improves balance.
  5. Interesting thread. It rescued me from almost an hours worth of TV. I was well into page two before I got that it was about Angie and not Anji. As a finger-style player the Davey Graham tune was what came to mind first. Incidentally even though it was played on the third fret and sounded like Cm most guitarists will think of it as being in Am because it uses Am 'shapes'. I actually tried playing it in Cm without a capo. It would be possible but I don't need that much work, or grief, right now. The first version of Anji I heard was by Bert Jansch, and I saw him playing it on video just last
  6. Hello. I got my first Gibson in 1968 or 69. I don't know the model. It might have been an LG 2 or 3. Small body, cross braced, mahogany back and sides and spruce front. It had a narrow rectangular bridge and no varnish. Someone had sanded the front down 2 or 3 mill in places and I know now that it needed a neck reset. Years later I sold it and ended up with a Martin 00028. I sold that too later. I miss that Gibson more than the Martin. I now have two LG0s, both originally had plastic bridges. The first one had the bridge replaced with a rosewood bridge and the second one got a complete new spr
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