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  1. I think you're right Lowdown, but I didn't try to knock it down yet. I will, I think. It looks a bit silly, but it doesn't bother me when I play it.
  2. Nice guitar jamman, and welcome to the faded club!
  3. Hi, I think it can't do too much harm, there was very little of the sticker-glue left when I put it on there, it almost comes off. Paul
  4. Hello everybody, this morning I thought it was time to take some pics again...
  5. I played both, and I have to say I prefer the Les Paul. (Though not too heavy ones.) I particularly don't like the neck-heavyness of SG's. That annoys me. And my hands always get lost on the long neck. All of this is personal. Play both and decide then. That's what I did myself!
  6. I took some new pics today...Enjoy.
  7. You won't be disappointed with you new guitar! You can get great tones from the pickups, really.
  8. I'm almost sure it comes in the case. I didn't get a pickguard because I didn't get the case...:-
  9. Is it also to be used on the back&sides of a Standard Faded? Or would that ruin the finish?
  10. Allright then, I think I'm going to look for it in The Netherlands. By the way - can you polish and clean the back&sides of a Standard Faded also, or isn't that a good idea?
  11. Hi everyone, I have a LP Standard Faded, and want to give it some more shine. And I was thinking about Virtuoso polish and Cleaner. Does anyone have experience with it, and is the product recommended? I found a thread where GuitarJunkie posted pics of his result - it looks great! And another question: After how long, after you applied the product, do you have to polish the guitar again? Will it last long? Thank you very much, Paul
  12. Great looking guitar, congratulations!
  13. One pic of mine again...
  14. I changed my mind, I like the look of the pick-up covers!
  15. The guitar looks great with the new pickguard!
  16. I think the pu's in the Goldtop are Mini-humbuckers (correct me if I'm wrong).
  17. Luap

    Strap Locks

    You should install Schaller's. They work great I think.
  18. Since this thread seems to be the giant picture-thread, I will post my LP pics also.
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