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  1. Yes Countdown to Estacy is one of my favourite LPs RIP
  2. Thoughts and prayers to you all 🙏
  3. Thanks for all the great music and awesome picking RIP
  4. Yes I do this quite often , I place a Shure SM58 on a boom stand in front of the guitar and plug into the mic channel of my AER 60 . Got to be honest in the context that I use this it works well , I find the best position for the Mike is close to the 14th fret ( the body and neck joint ) I don't play loud so it's just used for sound reinforcement in church
  5. Just my J45 and a Spotify playlist loaded with all Ralph McTells albums will do me just fine
  6. Ok after reading this I sat down and worked out that over 53 years of playing I've owned 52 guitars !! The ones I have are in my signature and they all get used . My main three acoustics are the J45 , the Martin and the SLG200 Yamaha . My electrics don't get used now but I love them to bits and the GS Mini is there all the time . Would I buy another ? Yes in a heartbeat but I'd never sell what I've already got . Next on the list sometime in the future will be a sunburst J200
  7. It's funny , I can still remember the thrill that I felt when I strummed my friends fathers guitar for the first time after hearing Apache on the radio . 53 years later that feeling hasn't left me , still totally obsessed and overwhelmed by the instrument. The last eight years playing fingerstyle acoustic has been the best though
  8. Yes I have a Martin JTOODB and I know how you feel but. I honestly love the feel of mine and don't worry at all . The tone and playability more than make up for the Richlite fretboard and bridge , after all having a Richlite board and bridge was all part of the certified woods construction of the guitarQ
  9. Hi ,All my guitars are set to Gibson Acoustic specs ( or very close ) 7/64 Low E , this can alter slightly according to the weather but I've always found this setup to be perfect for me . My Martin OODB had a Pleck setup in the factory and the action is slightly lower at the nut than the J45 . One important point , I use the capo a lot right up to the 6th fret sometimes, for me too lower action can result in the strings buzzing behind the capo , so for me this is fine
  10. Yes + 1 for the above . Also the Marshall AS50D and 100 work well with the LRBaggs systems
  11. Hi I wouldn't worry if it's "new" and unplayed and sounds great , no doubt it does . My UK Burns Legend was constructed out of a NOS 1960s neck and body
  12. I have the same uncertainty, LR Baggs state 1,000 hours on a fully charged ( new ) battery . I would love to purchase a meter that could be plugged into a jack plug to measure the charge of the battery inside the guitar ( do they make one ??? ) I change the battery on my J45 Standard every six months , used or not
  13. Feel for you Buc keep your chin up
  14. I paired my J45 with the Martin Tweedy and couldn't be happier the J45 is just great for gigging in an acoustic duo but the Martin is really at home being at home , it's a fantastic couch guitar being fingerpicked . Yes I love the J200 but just a bit too big for me and I don't strum just fingerpick .
  15. Many thanks I've been useing them for years , great company and service
  16. At the moment the Tweedy is only for home use , I use the J45 for gigs etc , I might have a look at the new iRig Acoustic if I start to plug in . Yes the J200 is a stunning guitar but for me the body is too big , shame lovely sound
  17. I totally feel the same . I don't visit or play at open mic nights I'd rather spend the time practicing . Showcases are another kettle of fish they can lead to good frequent work and bookings . If your a guitarist that can play you'll have your own guitar
  18. Thanks she was a present from my Wife to mark my 50 years of playing the guitar and it's our 30th this year . Yes she's lovely and the guitars not bad either lol Here's the Martins Sister
  19. Someone asked for some pics , I hope these have worked Cheers
  20. Lol £2.50 ( I got 12 sets in December ) Yes thanks for all your replys , no unfortunately the Masterbuilts do not suit the Jeff Tweedy ( too slack, yet they are perfect on the J45 ) ) so back to the Martin SPs . Going to try the Retros next anybody tried these . Although the Martin is a lovely guitar it's really nice having the J45 they complement each other ( the Martin is great for fingerstyle and softer playing styles and the volume and projection is staggering with the deeper body but you can't beat the J45 for Country and Carter style playing .
  21. Good Morning to all ,I have used Gibson Master built PB 12-53 strings for a few years now on my J45 and love the sound and playability. I have recently had a NGD in the form of a Martin Jeff Tweedy but I have a problem . I love the way the Martin plays and the set up etc but I want to use Gibson MB strings because I prefer the feel and sound it's what my fingers are used to . Question does anybody know the total tension for a set of Gibson Masterbuilts PB 12-52 the Martin string tension is approx 162 pounds in total so hopefully they are around the same . Many Thanks
  22. I also note that Martin is selling direct to the customer now via nominated dealers . Also you can call at the factory and buy or order
  23. http://www.ralphmctell.co.uk/ralphs-martin-rm50/ Had a look on Ralph's website and found this and it explains the story and conception . As someone that has followed this great songwriter and guitarist though his career , I don't have a problem with a signature Martin being issued in his name . I personally love my Gibson J45 and Gibson as a maker , but modern Martin guitars are stunning instruments ( I have just received a OODM Jeff Tweedy signature as a present from my wife ) and I can understand why he went with this long overdue tribute to his playing career . I have seen Ralph play Gibson J50s Yamahas and indeed Martin guitars , I personally would love to have one of those in my stable yes it does look like a J50 but well deserved
  24. Got to agree I'm not normally a fan of slide guitar , but this is brilliant great right hand technique and the left ones not bad either
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