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  1. Thank you Red 333! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  2. Thanks I think that one will fit, but it has no info on how long that tailpiece is...
  3. So the tailpiece on my Gibson es390 is the long trapeze tailpiece just like its big brother the es330. Well the tailpiece on its cousin Epiphone Casino Coupe is a short trapeze tailpiece which to me makes more sense... You´ll get the added string tension of course among other things. The long tailpiece on my 390 makes for a very loose string tension which isn´t ideal for my use. I believe it also diminishes the sustain a bit... I think it is strange that Gibson chose this solution for that guitar. I´m wondering if any of you guys know where to get a hold of a short trapeze tailpiece. Like the one they use for the casino coupe or similar.
  4. Thank you Aster! A very Merry Christmas to you!
  5. Thanks for the compliment! If I could only get that CC sound.. I do like to mix things up a bit and texas/western swing is one style that I`m working on right now. I do have an original tune called "Redneck Samba" which is on my album "Bankside". However, I didn´t manage to get the sound I wanted for that song and the arrangement is just okay. It is one I will redo some time. Here´s a link to it: Redneck Samba It is recorded with my Gibson es339 through a Roland cube 60 but I addaed a plugin for a little crunch.
  6. Beautiful guitar! Merry Christmas to you!
  7. Thank you Steve! And a Very Merry Christmas back at ya! :)
  8. On my album Bankside, I used the Gibson es339 through a TC Hall of Fame and a Roland cube 60 (recording out) for 80% of the record. I used a D´addario 12-52 jazz set (rounds). I`m pretty happy with how it turned out but I can`t seem to get the same sound out of the es339 in a live setting... Go figure.. It just sounds thinner. So for live gigs I use my Epiphone Broadway Elitist. A great guitar but I´d rather use my es339 for its comfortable size... In the end I guess what I´m really looking for is an es175 http://www.asleroe.com
  9. Not sure if it`ll put you in the Christmas mood, but here`s my version of Sleigh Ride on the Epiphone Broadway Elitist. Merry Christmas to you all!
  10. Oh and the pickups were Lollar single coils at that time. Now it´s back to the original humbuckers.
  11. Well the wood on mine is quite plain. But I like how the top spruce wood has darkened quite a bit since new
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