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  1. Dean Markley REG 0.10 - 0.46 strings I've found they last the longest of all the ones I've tried.
  2. They look pretty damn close. Didn't PRS have one that looked pretty close to a Les Paul. They aren't selling it anymore after Gibson got done with them. I agree, why don't they come up with their own design. I guess maybe there are certain designs that people gravitate too. And the Les Paul is one of them. I mean if you get to wacky people won't like it, so there's only a few certain designs that will get you sales.
  3. Understand. But, they look to much like Les Pauls. I don't think they will be selling them for to much longer.
  4. Ever see these Indie les Paul copies. They cost like 1200 bucks. Why would anyone buy a Les Paul copy, when for 1500 bucks you can get a real one. Kind of silly if you ask me.
  5. Beautiful guitar!!!!!!! Looks like mine.
  6. Your Les Paul's are beautiful. Gibson Les Paul Standards are beautiful guitars, no doubt about it.
  7. Those are grovers, factory installed. Nice guitar, jump on it.
  8. I've got the same but mine is 2001. It came with Groover tuners.
  9. Looks like maybe it was dropped. Bring it back, get another one. I bought a Fender Strat Deluxe, and for some reason when I pulled up on the neck it made this weird noise. Didn't like it so I brought it back and got another one. The new one didn't make this noise. If your not happy then bring it back. Guitars are made to make you happy
  10. Mine does the same thing. The saddle needs to go all the back. And when you check it, don't press to hard at the 12 th fret. Just enough to hear the note. You will find it is good. No one will be able to notice a low E intonation problem if you do what I said.
  11. Fender Strat w/Tone zone S bridge PU------->Great River Pre-amp-------->Korg D1200mKII digital recorder w/ Classic Distortion and Vintage amp cab.
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