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  1. The new Dark Fire is nice but is anyone out there actually bothered to buy one? i mean there all singin'n'dancin but if this guitar is the best (meaning most indepedent) it can go wrong cant it? say you were in a live gig and the auto tuning mechanism broke and suddening went out of tune or to another tuning, not very clever is it! or if the master nob malfunctioned but thats my opion just like to here others
  2. havent come across one but they are sexy
  3. my opion is sound gibson makes is better then fender but ony in some areas of music while fender a more general is sounds. Reliability depends on what two guitars your comparing maybe two f the same. might be two standards. feel is pros and cons maybe gibsons feel amazing to play from the noises come out of it but some models dont have the cut out curve on the back of the body making it more uncomfortable to play fender feel more comfortable and makes a nice sound hang on! 2 1 to fender but looks come in! gibson outrageously amazing fender body doasnt really look good i dont think thats my opi
  4. im not the wealthiest of people so i just wish i could afford robot or just a expensive one to show off at my friends zakk wyldes art on guitars pretty cool to me and mabe supreme in a black finish with the white edge round it yummy...
  5. ;) i want to buy it but is it really worth a $1300 guitar?
  6. i like them first one nice painting but wouldnt have it on a guitar i would like to be able to do that to one of my guitars but its takes me a long time to save up for one so im gonna buy a cheap one and have a go though :-/ GIBSON ROCKS
  7. Fender and Gibson are famous guitar but i ask which is the best for sound, reliabilty,feel and and price and looks i forgot. Im new to gibson forums and was wonting to add a image but have found it hard to do so please can somebody help me
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