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    Auto Tune??

    Im a huge fan. Being a lazy sod it saves a lot of hassle. At gigs it has been a godsend. All my guitars go out of tune, (pubs are a nightmare, air con, doors opening, radiators, hot weather etc. Plus I do thrash the strings a bit!). Rather than using a tuner and mucking around its just volume down and one or two strums.Indoors I don't need to unzip the bag, find the tuner, plug it in. Its just one or two strums. As for re-stringing, I hate it! But with this its basically a few wraps,use the locking nut and press a few buttons The look? Its behind the neck, who notices? I never do. The curious thing is that those resisting changes are playing a guitar that has changed an awful lot over the years. For me innovations such as volume boosts, coli splits etc are to be welcomed. Bob
  2. BobK


    Got two 2015's, both have perfect frets. Sounds a bit odd....
  3. Yes it is. Though listening to me you wouldn't think so.
  4. Screwed up the 2015's? I love mine! Nut is great, tuner thing has been an absolute blessing for live shows and like the wide neck. Plus the best build/set up on any new guitar ive ever bought. I don't think I would say was "raving about the sound you liked and how great it was", I simply said it sounded killer I always thought 'killer' meant 'great'?
  5. Best to follow the manual!
  6. First time I did a string change it took me longer than with regular tuners. Done it a few times now and actually find it faster!
  7. Bill Nelson. Been making great music for 50 years.
  8. I expect the 3 or 4 luthiers/techs who charged you for achieving nothing are thinking, "damm, he's realised it was the nut". Personally I would ask for a refund!
  9. So....in conclusion, Keef putting a ciggy on the end of his guitar would have caused more 'dive' issues than the gforce!
  10. Out of curiosity, how much does a etune weigh? Im always puzzled how something so small (and light) can apparently cause 'neck dive'. Can that really happen on a 8-9lb lump of wood hanging round your neck with a decent strap?
  11. My 2015 is best Gibson I have ever played/owned. Its wonderful!
  12. Every Gibson in the store? Sounds like it might be the store!
  13. BobK

    Straps and Locks

    A strap that's tight and those cheap plastic straplocks. Not had an issue in 30 or so years.
  14. BobK

    Horrible Tone....

    Phew.....thanks guys. No booing, so I reckon I was OK!
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