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  1. Wow, someone went through a lot of trouble to go down-vote almost every single one of my recent posts, some almost a month old, or order to knock down my rating on the forum, simply because I down-voted a few his comments in a thread. Talk about being petty, small minded and vindictive....
  2. I have purchased thinner walled truss rod tools for this very purpose. One can find them online.
  3. Did you buy this as B-Stock or as "new"? (Thomann sold out of these back in April / May)
  4. The OP's guitar is just fine. It's a BFG = Barely Finished Guitar. My 2018 BFG HH has similar "wide" spaces either side of the fretboard. My 2010 BFG had these same "wide" spaces. You can see on Gibson's Legacy site that there is a gap either side of the fretboard: http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/USA/2018-BFG-P-90.aspx However, if it is a question of aesthetics for the OP, then return it to Thomann by all means. Someone else will buy it as a B stock and love it.
  5. Hi Noseforwine, welcome to the forum! I think your comments might be better directed at Gibson's customer support: https://www.gibson.com/Support/Customer-Service While you may see the occasional Gibson employee on the forums here, it's not like they read all of the comments, as we are all normal blokes with day jobs like yourself. A forum that Gibson management read existed many years ago with the forhenry forum, but is long since closed.
  6. You're welcome! Yes, it seems your tuners are not the same. Did you buy your new or used? If used, someone may have had a preference for gold hardware and swapped it.... Wouldn't be the first time!
  7. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking LP you have there! I found another one here with gold hardware: https://www.sheltonsguitars.com/2014/12-04-2014/gibson-les-paul-traditional-pro-ii.html And then there is this: https://reverb.com/item/1138865-gibson-les-paul-traditional-plus-2013-burgundy-w-gold-hardware
  8. Seriously, if you want something different than a Gibson or Fender, try a Framus (if you can find one).
  9. You may have better odds PMing the OP about the guitar, if he still has it....
  10. I too like playing them while upside-down 😁
  11. Since when does the US have a Ford Transit? That was a Euro name previously.. In any case, I like the white can.. you can now call yourself a White Van Man 😉 ! (google it in the UK..)
  12. I think you will find that we don't want them either, but would gladly offer you ours if you will have them....
  13. Excellent post. I only wish all the young people who run around saying we need socialism / communism could understand that. After all, Hitler's party was named "National Socialism" and what they promised the populace is not far off from what today's candidates are promising...
  14. Read that this morning, very sad... Was listening to Drive over the past weeks.. RIP Ric.
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