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  1. The link to the page works, but several of the links ON the page aren't working.
  2. Locally you can have an SG Special from 2010 going for around €1000. I bought an SG3 Faded for €400 a few years ago, they're now going for €1000 used. Whereas the lower end LPs are 1/2 to 3/4ths that price. Don't ask me why, it's an odd phenomenon. It's as if the LPs are no longer popular and the SGs are what is hot. Needless to say, I just picked up a LP CM for less than €400 and have my eye on a Traditional for under €1000. However, I agree, an SG is never worth more than an LP (some exceptions apply).
  3. In 2010 I bought two LPs, played them a couple of years and then sold them. I regret selling them to this day.... The neck will be the polar opposite of your Traditional. A quick search on Ebay of the two types of guitar show that the LP is worth more than the SG (but depends on condition). It if were me, I would pass on the deal, save up my money and buy and 61 SG Reissue and have both guitars as they are, of course, not the same animal...
  4. The little guy looks hungry... Did he get any 4th of July leftovers? 😀
  5. Hector


    Very nice!!! You can get a Gibson pickup cover from Thomann for not very much, just scroll to the bottom of the page: https://www.thomann.de/intl/gibson_pickups.html
  6. Thanks Rabs.. The forms requires an email. I'm not going to submit the form. Hopefully someone will see it on here.
  7. I have heard that several woods can cause problems when worked, but not as a guitar when it has a finish on it (unless that finish has been worn through maybe).. My Framus has an Ovangkol neck, which is supposed to be horrible to work with, but I have never had a problem playing it...
  8. I'm not sure how to contact the webmaster for www.gibson.com but several links on this page are not working: https://www.gibson.com/Support/Serial-Number-Search
  9. Wow. Sounds like some of the QC problems haven't been sorted out yet. I bought a 2018 BFG, which is pre-damaged from the factory on purpose... 😁
  10. One thing that does annoy me is that Gibson has had almost exclusively slim taper necks as of late on SGs that aren't the lower-end models (Special, or in 2019, the Standard Tribute). I could never get an SG Standard with a rounded neck. If I wanted a rounded neck on an LP, I was forced to go with the Traditional, which never had the nice tops like the Standard. Only in 2018 did they make the LP BFG again, which has a rounded neck, and which is what I ended up buying. Just wish Gibson would offer people more of a choice in this respect.
  11. Hector


    Thanks everyone! It really is an excellent guitar, killer tone, a growl and bite like no other.. and the sustain lasts forever!
  12. Useful, but I notice they stripped out the pricing...
  13. Hector


    Ok, as promised, here are the pics
  14. Come on, call it for what it is... it's plywood There's nothing wrong with that, it's done for strength and rigidity.
  15. The fact that the mahogany in my LP is 3 pieces and my SGs are 2 pieces does not bother me in the least. A "composite material" approach is far and away the better choice for strength an durability when it comes to wood. The glue, which is many many times stronger than the wood, will help the body stay intact through changes in the weather (humidity, rapid changes in temperature) etc. which can make a single piece of wood either warp, crack or split. It's why carbon fibre is infinitely stronger than steel, or why rope works. The fact that your Epi is coated in a thick layer of resin (plastic) makes it less prone to changes in the weather. On the same note, China is not subject to the same rules on where they can get their wood from as the US is. Hence, Epiphone are still able to source woods without the government seizing it like they did to Gibson.
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