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  1. I feel so unwelcome now. I've studied the ins and outs of music theory for years now. I am graduating high school in a few months and will be going to college for music theory and composition. The great thing about guitar is that you really don't need complex music theory. It takes a different kind of expertise.
  2. The link worked. Those looked pretty legit, the biggest things that threw the strat were the s/n and the typeset one the head looked really funky. If youre gonna make a big investment on a guitar, always check the s/n.
  3. An EB-3 would be awesome, but would you rather that or a sixties P bass?
  4. Ok, I cant understand a thing that Gibson Rocks said above. Can you translate that to second-grade English? Fenders are more comfortable. You can get a fat strat or even an HH configuration. They tend to be a lot lighter. Yeah, they're butt-ugly in most cases but if you're a musician, sound should be way more important. The sound and feel are different, so you cant compare the standard ones. But if you pay the price of a Gibson, you can get a custom Fender HH Tele with a Bigsby and locking tuners and a whole bunch of other crap. I'd go for the custom Tele for sound.
  5. This really is a pointless argument. Also, it is on a Gibson forum... I feel like the only Fender person here, and yet I love both for their individual advantages. I just happen to like how Fenders feel and sound because of my style. But if we're comparing Gibson and Fender, how about Fender amps vs. what few amps Gibson makes. Or Fender basses vs. Gibson basses.
  6. I hear that guy Clapton uses a Fender... and I think I saw this SRV dude on a Fender also... and hmmm, does Hendrix ring a bell? How about James Young or Eric Johnson?
  7. It really is in your preference. I love my Tele, but any excuse to play a LP is good enough. I also like to mess with my guitars for how I want them to look and play. Ive got necks, PUPs, and pickguards for my strat, and its kinda good to adjust your guitar for what you need easily. Its all in your style of playing. Oh, and I hate SGs... I love LPs tho.
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