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  1. I have used the old one for about a decade and like it. Like this The newer brown one should be fine too, but I like the look of the old black tolex one better. I wish I grad the 100 watt one when they were out. You can run it with or without a pick up with a pre amp. All my acoustic guitar have a active pick up system. I will also drop the Fishman Spectra DI in the line.
  2. I use a preamp on stage. On my guitars with Fishman pickups I have used the Spectra DI for about 5 years, and on my mandolin I have a LR Baggs M Radius and use the new Venue. Both highly recommended by me, but don't take my word for it. Go you and demo them.
  3. Appetite is a killer hard rocking album. They should have broken up after that one. I'm a huge Izzy fan
  4. I have a PRS CU 22. I'm not sure when I got it, but it was at least 10 years ago, maybe longer. I like other stuff I have been, but it's good. It doesn't get played that much. I would look again at the Mira. I'm not sure what this years guitar purchase will be, but I am thinking a Martin 00028. I actually like the Standard version with the slightly narrower fret board than the EC one.
  5. They kind of remind me of a PRS Starla, which I wanted to love so badly, but didn't like when I got a chance to actually play one. not actually that much more than the Yamaha http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/StarlaS2DVC?adpos=1o1&creative=55280255761&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KEQiA89u1BRDz8enExq7rvN0BEiQAaFCHmwTVrAgDAYDC-iXU8E2g-Imq5J_-3LEBWaYOZegS9-QaAkBl8P8HAQ The Mira I really like, it just sat well in my paws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbxS1xp4OM0
  6. My house ain't even worth that much.
  7. I had a Japanese knock off Les Paul way back in the 70's that had a zero fret. The guitar was kind of junk all in all, and zero fret guitars have left me with a bad taste. The zero tends to wear quickly and will need to be replaced. I have 2 Gretsch (FMI distributed) and one of the criteria I had when buying the Tenny Rose and mt Power Jet is they not have a zero fret. Many Gretsch's have them and some don't. Both guitars I love and they sit somewhere between a Tele and a Les Paul with P90's tone wise. Both play like a charm too.
  8. That is pretty cool. The only problem is any real mandolin player probably would not want to pay the cost that Gibon would want to get for it. Great idea all in all.
  9. I took up the drums late in life, just cause I was unhappy with the sound of drum machines. No lessons and I ain't that good either. I play the hh with my right hand and the left hand handles the snare. I actually feel my left foot might be more solid for the kick drum, but I play it with my right foot. The only reason I play the kit that way is that's the way I saw most folks playing the kit. I hold the sticks mostly matched style. I have only owned one acoustic kit my entire live, but last year or so I added a Yamaha digital set. It's just a nice way to practice without driving everyone in the house bonkers.
  10. No brand loyalty here I play fender stuff, gibson stuff, martin stuff, gretsch, rickenbacker and more. Like it all for what it is and depending on the tones I want to achieve.
  11. I have one of these cases that I put all my guitar doodads in, picks, clip on tuner, some strings, pliers, screw drivers, ect. There's plenty of room for strings and what ever. It might be a bit over kill, but it works. Got mine at the Home Depot.
  12. My current daily carry is a Kershaw 1660CKT Leek Assisted 3" Black Plain Blade. It's a very nice and fits into my front pocket. The auto assist open is super sweet and handy. Ken Onion design who ever he is, and USA made. Great all around knife and I have not lost it yet. I was think the blade might not that study, but it's fine for most jobs I have put it through. http://www.knifecenter.com/item/KS1660CKT/Kershaw-Ken-Onion-Leek-Black-Tini-Plain-Edge-Assisted-Opener-3-inch-blade
  13. Mikeo


    I have an PRS CU 22, I bet I have gad i decade. Don't get me wrong it's an sweet guitar. I can get some Gibby Humbucker tones out of it, the single coil sound are more tele than strat to my ear. I tried a ton of em out, McCarty's, CU 22's, CU 24' and more. This one spoke to me at the time. I don't play it a lot. I also left the rotary switch in, which I'm not a huge fan or, but it gives you the most ton options I think. I also did a 10 top and bird inlays, McCarty sunburst and whammy bar.
  14. I would love to see the Brian Setzer Christmas show and it's been on my list for years. My wife just had a major operation which saved her life, and she not ready for any travel yet, so it wouldn't be this year that's for sure. I am the owner of 2 Gretsch guitars. One Tenny Rose and 1 Power jet. I don't care what folks say about these Fender-Gretsches, but they are awesome guitars. Gretsch Hi Filterton are nice picks, but the TV Jones pick up my power Jet and in your Gretsch are some of the most amazing pick ups ever. It's the Gretsch sound for sure. Even the electromatics are pretty sweet, you just need to change the pick ups to TV Jones. Enjoy the show. I just looked up the Gretsch Anniversary guitar and it no long comes with TV Jones classic.
  15. It's not a bad amp at all. You an mod em too and get them to sound better. I have one of those BJ limited tweed ones with the Jensen speaker. I have other amps I use more like the Fender PRRI, which is a totally different animal than the BJ. I wouldn't mind another BJ, which I would atleast change the speaker on, for a different tone.
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