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  1. I only have low watt amps at home. At the moment I have: Fender Greta Works best with single coil pickups or humbuckers that are not hot. Uses only pre-amp tubes so you can mix and match. At the moment I have 2 12AX7 in it to get the most saturation at low volume. Sound good when broken in and you can connect a cabinet if you want more volume and headroom. The clean is typical fender voiced, the overdrive is a bit tweedy. Marshall JMP1C 1 watt amp. This is my favourite amp with my Les Paul. It's like they were made for each other. I have the combo but there is a head you can get as well together with the others in the one watt series. Highly recommended for home and studio use. I get AC/DC and Slash tones easily. Vox Lil'Night Train If you prefer the Vox jangle and the May roar, you might opt for this head and cab. I can also recommend the Palmer Eins which is a nice little head, ut since I opt for tone diversity it has not yet found a place in my home (since I already have some amps). It is almost always a good idea to change the tubes for something else. All of these amps uses preamp tubes. This means you can swap them around as you please and not worry about bias and so on. So these gives you pure tube sounds. No digital stuff at all. But I have also tested the Yamaha range of smaller speakers with builtin effects. So these are basically good hifi/bluetooth speakers that have a guitar input and some effects and modelling. Great for practice or playing along with your pre-recorded tracks. But it's not a tube amp.
  2. engineer

    2016 Models

    Hey guys! I really like the 57's (since they are not so hot) but I don't think I have ever played the 59's. What's the difference in your humble opinion?
  3. Hmmm...I dunno...I really love the 2015 neck. I have a Baja Tele since before which has a fatter neck but I never liked the Gibson 50s style neck and I thought the 60s slim taper was ok but a little meh. The 2015 adds that extra oomph and make the neck feel really good. But I assume that's subjective?
  4. I have the same feeling. It's weird about conservatives, that don't even try new things before writing them off. I wonder how progress ever happened... Myself I had my eyes set on 2014 studio but came to that conclusion far to let and they were all gone. So when the 2015s hit the store I really liked the new necks which really solid and good in my hands. But instead of buying one I had to prioritise other things (such as a family vacation). Lucky for me when I found out a week ago that they slashed all prices and I got a classic for a little less than the price of a studio. Sweet deal, huh? I also like the G-Force. I think it's awesome. But if it fails to tune it will be frustrating. :) But I hope they are successful as a company. I think we all want a thriving Gibson so we all can look forward to their new lines of guitars. But we must cut them some slack. It's probably hard to develop new guitars for a customer base that all pines for something they made in the fifties.
  5. Any updates? Are you happy with it now?
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