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  1. You can buy one of these straps Planet Waves Woven Guitar Strap, Stars & Stripes on EBAY. or for $68 The one I bought a couple years ago as a matter of fact I bought 2 New choose files... Click to choose files Price: US $17.88
  2. Yeah looks like all are in japan, looks pretty scuffed up from pick marks though, dont know if it is worth the $6200 price tag, I wander why Gibson never made one of these for the USA market, only the Standards, It never had a C.O.A for it either.
  3. Glad to see you have one too, now where are the other 47? I wouldn't sell mine for anything right now, just like it to much!
  4. Nice looking strap, but I use Schaller strap locks and a Gibson Black strap with the Les Paul logo, they are from the early 90's only one person on ebay sells them for around $50 they come out of a strap set that came with some Les Paul Picks and a set of Gibson strings plus a les paul trading card.
  5. Yes, it is a extremely nice guitar and a real Custom, nice to see that you have one too!
  6. No facetiousness taken and thanks!
  7. I talked to gibson and they told me that there was 50 made primarily for the Japanese market this one ended up back in the USA , and I feel lucky to have a real custom not a standard! Serial numbers all match up with Gibson.
  8. I guess we will never know if it is a nuge reply or not, Like his politics and love his music, have lots of mp3's and quite a few record albums, I only wish I could play as good as he does, so smooth and effortless!
  9. Thanks, it is a Beautiful Gibson S&S, Love It To Death!
  10. bemb


    I use the EB regular slinky and switch the G string to a d'addarios NW017 which is a nickle wound string, it makes that string sound great, I buy them separately from strings by mail. I have always had problems with G string sounding flat but changing to these made my difference!
  11. Thanks I am sure that it is a keeper for a long time, I am thinking it is ebony, they usually spared no expense on this year model, I will call Gibson because I really dont want to start pulling things apart and end up dropping something on top of it. I am in the process in selling my Nighthawk, probably shouldnt cause it is so darn light and plays well. Thanks for your help!
  12. I will probably call them to find out, already called to verify the sn, thanks
  13. I just bought this Custom Stars & Stripes SN 029738 and I am looking for info like what kind of fret board it has, what kind of pups and I hope it was worth the $5100 I spent on it, I have seen quite a few in the standard model but this is the 1st I have seen as a Custom with the Binding and Diamond on the Head stock. Any Help would be appreciated, This is my last guitar, at 68 I am keeping it for my older sons in hopes that it goes up in price! Not a Player, Display Case Material. I will play my other LP's it is to beautiful to mark up. Thanks for any help in advance!
  14. Its kinda grainy so I think it is rosewood, needs a good cleaning and some fret doctor. The whole guitar needs care, someone installed pearly gates bridge and neck pickups so I do Like that, well back to work on rewire and reset. Thanks for all comments, much appreciated!
  15. I just bought a 2016 Epi ES 339, They List 2 different fret boards, does anyone know if this year epi would have a rosewood or a Pau Ferro board? Thanks for the help!
  16. Yes, I researched it enough and find that the 2011 studio has a solid mahogany body and it should have hat knobs on it, so I ordered them, Thanks for your help!
  17. Thanks for your help, could not even find a listing from Gibson anymore on it, I have owned quite a few Les Pauls from the 1970's until today and it seems like all of them have had different things than they had said, the last Custom I bought was in 2017 and it was brand new and it did not have the pickups they said it came with that is why I am not sure about this used guitar I bought, but thanks for your help!
  18. I just bought this 2011 Gibson Studio Nighthawk and should be receiving it soon, What is the body made out of, some places say mahogany others say poplar which is it? They also show hat knobs on them and this one has speed knobs and it is suppose to be all original. I am Confused! Can anyone help?
  20. Thanks for the help, That is the way I wired it, Thanks for the help, no more is needed. bemb
  21. I have a LP with only a bridge pickup, it is a 2 wire pickup, 1 ground and a 1 hot, 1 Vol and ! tone Pot, I have a burstbucker bridge pup that I want to install it has 1 braided ground a black a green a red and white wirecan anyone tell me what is the best way to get this to the 2 wires I need to connect it back to the pot? I would appreciate any help, I have seen a couple of different diags, one has the black and braided to ground on the pot, the green and white soldered together and the red to the pot, is this correct or is there another way. Thanks Mike
  22. They Said It Is Definitely a Carved Maple Top.
  23. Thanks for the reply, I have decided to sell the pickups and leave the originals in the LP, I did buy 2 different cover sets for them, a full cover and an open center cover, the opens look good on them because it leaves the df open to see and just provide a border around them and the full cover looks good too. I bought them from philadelphia luthiers. Any how thanks for the input.
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