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  1. I didn't realize these guitars were that expensive now. I have that same EXACT guitar,but mine is a '89 Standard. I picked up mine at a pawnshops a few years ago for $993 in amazing condition, and it was in original condition with OHSC. Here's a pic of mine.
  2. '63 ES-330, '70 ES335, '83 ES-335 Dot:
  3. I think to find the right LP, you have be connected to guitar shops, pawnshops, and a lot of guitarists in your area. To me it's all about being connected. Sometimes having a relationship with the above groups will give you access to some great guitars, and possible deals on purchasing them. All my LP's were killer deals. 2 of them were because I knew the persons who owned them and got the buddy deals, and the other 2, were because I had connections to pawnshops. Obviously you have to be able to audition any LP you plan to buy, whether it's early 80's or 90's-00's. You won't know which era is going to speak to you and sound the best, until you play as many as you can. Just for reference, here are my LP's and the prices I paid for them. $500 - '80 Gibson "Jimmy Wallace" '58RI LP Standard (bought in '84) $993 - '89 Gibson LP Standard: $1500 - '00 Gibson Classic Premium Plus LP $762 - '08 Gibson LP Standard Plus
  4. VERY nice 335. Congrats on your new beauty!!!
  5. Haha!! My guitars aren't in danger that much. I think my guitars are a little safer than that, and I don't live on the "Edge" to THAT extent.
  6. You must be talking out the guitars being SO close to the water. I like to live on the "Edge", you could say. 😉
  7. The guitar was a fair price and far from a steal, but it was never meant to be. I gave me what he asked for it because he's a friend and my guitar tech. I've waited years to find the right Classic for the right price, and I was lucky to be presented with this situation. This Classic and my '80 "Jimmy Wallace" are by FAR my nicest Gibson LP's I own.
  8. Yea Dax. That was my research as well. It would have been nice if this was one of the 1st runs, but as good as this guitars looks , plays, and sounds, I can't imagine the early ones being any better. I'm a camper that's happy.
  9. I think the 1st Classics were introduced in 1990. I think 2000 was the 1st year when they reintroduced the Classic LP's again.
  10. Thanks Steve. So far I'm still working a drawing a weekly check, you NEVER know.
  11. Thanks everyone!! After a few days of owning this guitar, I can say that I LOVE the neck and the tones I'm getting out of this Classic. Fortunately the neck wasn't the thinner 60's neck and lean way toward a 50's instead. I got the action set up perfectly, and the neck is one of the best feeling necks of any guitar in my collection. I feel blessed to have been able to acquire this amazing guitar.
  12. Thanks Sgt. Pepper. Did the early 90's Classics have ebony fretboards? If so, what years have the ebony boards?
  13. My guitar tech had a beautiful LP that he had shown me a couple of months ago, that he wanted to sell It was a beautiful LP and told him I wanted it and I'd sell some gear to take it off his hands. Well with all this C19 stuff going on, NOBODY is buying anything off CL or FB Marketplace. Anyway he called me this weekend and asked me if I could please buy his LP ASAP. He told me his guitar tech work is pretty much nonexistent, and his wife lost her job 3 weeks ago. I had to talk to my wife about getting money out of the bank to buy the guitar, and she gave me the green light. I talked to my buddy, and we came to a price that was fair to both of us. I was happy to help him out with all the work he does for me. My new to me 2000 Gibson Amber Classic Premium Plus LP Standard:
  14. Grats on the Studio. Nice score.
  15. Yes it came with a mint condition Black Gibson USA hardshell case with white interior just like this one. Since this is my 1st Studio, did these '05 Studio's come with a hardshell case or did the come with the Gibson Gig bag?
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