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  1. Unfortunately I still can't match in time to pay a visit to the seller to look , touch and feel the guitar. Maybe next week. I'll let you know then. Thanks guys for such a huge responce that I even wouldn't expect.
  2. when I finally see it I'll check out everything with details. Thanks folks cause I didn't even expect such a response. That opened my wiev on the subject. I appreciate that.
  3. Guys , may I bother you with one more thing.. What would you say about this custom. This looks like good thing I think. What vintage it would be ? http://olx.pl/oferta/okazja-gibson-les-paul-custom-usa-CID751-IDbFgN9.html#17673b17cc
  4. Thank you for help oldie !! I was one step of buying this. I will search again but honestly my musical journey focuses around music man guitars so far. Thanks.
  5. Thank you Bence!! I've had my doubts too but wanted to confirm. It is hard to tell when the pics are of poor quality . I admire your knowlege of gibsons really. Rock on!! Thanks once again
  6. Hello folks !! I'm an amateur player ,playing just for fun- nothing big Actually I don't have any gibson guitar yet, but I consider to buy one (one sg and maybe one les paul).. In the free time pleace check out my gibson road show on YT hope you won't get bored.

  7. Hi everybody it's Paul here! I'd like to use some help , I'm about to purchase an SG angus young . The serial at the back of the headstock is 00170429 Please help me verify if it's legite. http://olx.pl/oferta/gibson-sg-standard-CID751-IDbAPF9.html#68476b5816[/img] http://olx.pl/oferta/gibson-sg-standard-CID751-IDbAPF9.html#68476b5816 http://olx.pl/oferta/gibson-sg-standard-CID751-IDbAPF9.html#68476b5816 Thanks very much.
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