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  1. Still not working for me 😞
  2. I have the same kind of troubles. So i use the recover password feature, and then i get in with a new PWD. But when i sign out and sign-in again, then it never works and i have to use the recover feature again. I only have troubles with these Gibson forums, and only since it changed to new forum. It is not a cookie question i believe, because i tried several internet soft (chrome, M$ Edge, etc...) and same problem.
  3. Yup used till 2015 models. It was switched to VTC with 2016 model.
  4. Sometimes it is just a washer on the plug jack. There is usually 2, but one of them is enough. Removing one did the job for me. I also thought it was about the setup or something, but it was just the darn washer.
  5. It sounds very sweet. Probably indeed because of the player but i do not really agree with the above. Maybe it is just my ears, but i think that if the video or soundtrack was posted without any year model, many would have a different opinion. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring video too.
  6. Do you have a piezzo on it ? Maybe check the jack/plug input thing. You can unscrew it, there is 2 washers, one of them is not necessary and often causes this "buzz" thing. Long time ago i thought my guitar had an issue with the nut or saddle, but finally it was one of these washers and removing one of them solved the problem on my hummingbird.
  7. With 250€ you might wanna check Martins or Greenfield guitars maybe.
  8. I dont care much about people themselves, as long as i like the music. Music is one thing, people behaviour another. None knows if classic composers, or famous book writers were doing right or wrong in their own lives, we just play or read them, still. It will not refrain me from playing his songs, whatever really happened. On a sidenote, it would not have happened if he played on Gibsons.
  9. Maybe people should wait that things are proven and judged. A man with so much money is an easy target if you wanna make some cash (like his ex-wife did by the way thanks to him and divorce). Might be true, and then i will agree with most of the above, however i wont judge before proof.
  10. Maybe he says it is on side "of the soundhole" ? Like LR Baggs VTC ? (removable). Maybe just ask him a whole bunch of pictures of the guitar if not done already. If it is cut then it's been added and i would pass on it...
  11. Seen them also with taylors here, and lets be honest, it sounds nice : But also on hummingbird : Some very nice stuff.
  12. BK7 soon gonna ask what's the size of the soundhole.
  13. Amazing story. I'll take these, if you lower the price off $3. By paypal.
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