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  1. I am looking for a replacement bridge belly down with 2 3/16 " string spacing. Also Binding .125" thick x .265" high. The existing bridge is split and the old celluloid binding has shrunk and is falling off. The only binding I can find is too narrow and only .250" high. I don't need to match color only size as guitar is in poor cosmetic shape but plays well and sounds good. It is an Old Norlin model. StewMac and LMI don't have any thing that will work. Thanks in advance. Bill
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  3. I saw Jim in March of 1973. He was warm up act for Loggins and Messina. Played by himself with Martin Guitar. One of the most memorable individual performances I have ever seen. We lost him too soon.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I think it is just getting used to a new guitar with different brand strings.I typically use Martin PB or Gibson if I can find them. I have both long and short scale guitars and am used to playing with medium strins. Not sure what is on guitar. It is a new Larrivee.Really nice guitar. I have six Gibsons and thought I would try something different with a 12 fret. Bill
  5. I just purchased a OO Rosewood/Sitka guitar attached at the 12th fret.25.5 scale. I had never played one before. It seems as if the strings are under a lot more tension. Does anyone have any experience with this. It will take a little while to get used to this. Does any one know if this is normal? Thanks in advance. Bill
  6. On Thursday evenings there is live music in Gilcrest park by Fishermans Village on the harbor. People brings guitars and jam.
  7. I have an early 70's J45 Deluxe That looks pretty rough. Binding falling off, head stock was broken off and repaired. Top split and repaired. I had neck reset, fret job done on it.I have left it on porch overnite. I would take it any where and play. I would be lucky to get a couple hundred for it the way it is. I bought a Loar L016 as a beater but this J45 is really my beater. When they cremate me they can burn the guitar and I'll have it with me forever.
  8. I sent my J45 deluxe to them several years ago for neck reset and refret. They did a great job.
  9. I have 95 Blues King that has the long scale and deeper body 4 1/2" outside dimesion at the strap pin. Mahogany body. I bought it new and have been pleased with it. It is natural finish and when I bought it I didn't know it was available in sunburst. Someday I will get a sunburst also.
  10. I have had mine for over a year. Like it real well. Neck a little thick but I got used to it right away. Better built than I expected. Stays in tune real well.It came set up pretty good. It came with Daddario strings and I still use them on it. I usually use Martin but these sound good and last a good long time.
  11. I toured the Martin factoy several years ago and they did not have a custom shop per say. Custom work was done similar to how people have described Gibson custom shops. There are certain stations where the custom details are done by personel who excel at their particular job.
  12. Maybe the dots are in the right place and the pin holes are misplaced. It may be that the drilling of the holes in the bridge are two seperate operations and that until the the placement of the bridge to the guitar it would be hard to tell. If that is the case I would be hard pressed to say reject the whole guitar.If the guitar played and sounded pleasing to me I would ask for a discount. ( TIC)
  13. I have bought two guitars fon local Guitar Center.Greensboro, NC. 1 AJ and 1- 00015M. They discounted both guitars below list with a simple "Can you help me on the price". The AJ had a problem with the bridge and they had me a new guitar in three days. Sometimes it is just the people you deal with at the store. I have always dealt with store manager.
  14. I can barely remember my own name.
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