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  1. The mapping for the Jogvision has been included with Deckadance since v2.50 I believe. For more details :
  2. This is not the right place for this .You'll need to check that out with Image Line support: https://support.image-line.com/action/ticketing/post-ticket
  3. Given Mac OS10.15 is still in Beta, compatibility problems are not unexpected, however, can you be more precise about what exactly does not work ? - Can you launch Deckadance and get to the configuration menu? - Once configured (if possible), can you load and play a song ? - If there is a crash , do you get any error message ? Any information will help :-)
  4. If you've bought Deckadance when Image Line owned it (ie before 2015, when Gibson/Stanton/Cakewalk acquired Deckadance), you can log in to your Image Line account and *carefully* read all the instructions on the My Licenses page. Underneath the instructions about Deckadance v2.43, there is an option to download a .reg file with the licence you purchased, and even if you're on the Mac you should do this. On Windows, you just need to double-click the .reg file to install the data to the Windows Registry. But on the Mac, you need to save the .reg file in the ~/Library/Preferences/Image-Line/ folder (where ~ means your home/user folder.) That folder probably doesn't exist, so you'll need to create it yourself. But once you put your .reg file there, you're up & running. It seems to work even with the newer Stanton/Gibson versions. Hope that helps.
  5. Look here: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/145023-deckadance-le-installers-for-behringer-users/
  6. version 2.0, Updated for the latest version of Deckadance (2.72) CHANGES: 1) LOOP: Top 8 pads now trigger temporary loop roll (1/32 to 4 beat) while 8 bottom pads set permanent loop (1/32 to 4 beat) 2) SAMPLER: Removed SAMPLER PREVIEW PLAY/STOP and SAMPLER RECORD LOOP function. DD2_Hercules_P32 DJ_v273.zip
  7. Here are the mapping files for the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 & 300 for the latest version of Deckadance (2.72): Browser: Browser Knob = Playlist up/down (Blue ring LED) - Directory up/down (Green ring LED) . Browser button = Switch betwenn Playlist and Directory. LOAD A = Load track to deck A / Expand - Collapse (when in Directory view) LOAD B = Load track to deck B ASSISTANT = Automix (IMPORTANT!!: Be sure to create an Automix playlist before using). Decks: Sync = Sync lock. SHIFT + SYNC = Sync master Cue = Cue point SHIFT + CUE = Return to beginning of loaded song. Play = Play/Pause. Vinyl = Scratch On/Off (Default: ON) SLIP = Snap Q = Key Lock Loop section: Loop In = Loop In Loop In (Long press) = Loop on/off (4 beat) SHIFT + Loop In button = Loop Half size Loop Out = Loop Out SHIFT + Loop Out button = Loop Double size FX Section : Button 1 = FX3 on/off (Reverb) Knob 1 = FX 3 parameter. Knob 2 = FX Dry/Wet. PADS - Hot Cue: [inpulse 300] Pad 1-8 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 1-8. Shift + Pad 1-8 = Delete Hot Cue 1-8. [inpulse 200] Pad 1-4 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 1-4. Shift + Pad 1-4 = Delete Hot Cue 1-4. PADS - Roll Mode: [inpulse 300] Pad 1-8 = Temporary loop ( 1/32 to 4 beat) + Leap (when you end looping playback resumes from where it would have been without looping). [inpulse 200] Pad 1-4 = Temporary loop ( 1/2 to 4 beat) + Leap (when you end looping playback resumes from where it would have been without looping). PADS - Slicer (Inpulse 300 only): Pad 1-8 = Trigger Gross Beat Slot A1 - A8 (Gross Beat B1 - B8 on Deck B ) PADS - Sampler: [inpulse 300] Pad 1-8 = Trigger Sampler 1-8 (Same for Deck B ) [inpulse 200] Pad 1-4 = Trigger Sampler 1-4 (Same for Deck B ) PADS - Toneplay (Inpulse 300 only): Pad 1-8 = Trigger + 3 to -4 semi-tone cue points PADS - FX : NOTE: In FX mode, the pads sends multiple MIDI messages that affects various parameters in order to create "automatic effects" when pressed. [inpulse 300] Pad 1 = FX2 on/off (Phaser) Pad 2 = FX2 on/off (Distortion) Pad 3 = FX2 on/off (Low Pass) Pad 4 = FX2 on/off (Delay) Pad 5 = FX2 on/off (Flanger) Pad 6 = FX2 on/off (Low pass) Pad 7 = Cue Point + baby scratch Pad 8 = baby scratch [inpulse 200] Pad 1 = FX2 on/off (Phaser) Pad 2 = FX2 on/off (Distortion) Pad 3 = FX2 on/off (Delay) Pad 4 = baby scratch PADS - SlicerLoop (Inpulse 300 only - NOT USED) : PADS - Beatjump (Inpulse 300 only) : Pad 1-4 = Beat LED Deck A Pad 5-8 = Beat LED Deck B Other controls as labeled. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DD2_Hercules_DJC_Inpulse300_v273.zip DD2_Hercules_DJC_Inpulse200_v273.zip
  8. Here is the mapping file for the Hercules DJControl Starlight for the latest version of Deckadance (2.72): Decks: Sync = Sync lock. SHIFT + SYNC = Sync master Cue = Cue point SHIFT + CUE = Return to beginning of loaded song. Play = Play/Pause. SHIFT + Play = Cue Stutter Vinyl = Scratch On/Off (Default: ON) PADS - Cue: Pad 1 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 1. Pad 2 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 2. Pad 3 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 3. Pad 4 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 4. Shift + Pad 1 = Delete Hot Cue 1. Shift + Pad 2 = Delete Hot Cue 2. Shift + Pad 3 = Delete Hot Cue 3. Shift + Pad 4 = Delete Hot Cue 4. PADS - Loop Mode: Button 1 = Loop on/off (when you end looping playback resumes from end of loop). Button 2 = Leap on/off (when you end looping playback resumes from where it would have been without looping). Button 3 = Half loop size. Button 4 = Double loop size. PADS - FX Mode: Button 1 = FX1 on/off Button 2 = FX2 on/off Button 3 = FX3 on/off Button 4 = Trigger Gross Beat Slot A1 (Gross Beat B1 on Deck B ) PADS - Sample: Pad 1 = Trigger Sampler 1 (Sampler 3 on Deck B ) Pad 2 = Trigger Sampler 2 (Sampler 4 on Deck B ) Pad 3 = Trigger Sampler 5 (Sampler 7 on Deck B ) Pad 4 = Trigger Sampler 6 (Sampler 8 on Deck B ) Base LED: Deck A Play = Green Deck B Play = Blue Other controls as labeled. DD2_Hercules_DJC_Starlight_v273.zip
  9. There you go: https://www.pioneerdj.com/-/media/pioneerdj/software-info/controller/ddj-rb/ddj-rb_midi_message_list_e.pdf
  10. Actually, you can. If you scroll down the list for each deck, you should come across Set HotCue #1 to #8 for each decks. Simply select the one you want, click LEARN then press the buttons on your controller.
  11. saintpaulbeats1, Just to be sure I understand, you actually changed computer, correct ? If so, can you confirm that your Rmx is recognized by the computer first (before going into DD), as indicated in the following FAQs: http://ts.hercules.com/faqs/eng/her_eng_00351.pdf http://ts.hercules.com/faqs/eng/her_eng_00352.pdf If it doesn't looks to be recognized/working in MIDI, then it obviously won't work in DD. If you indeed have a new Mac, you might want to both of the following solutions: - Try using a shorter, well-shielded USB cable (a maximum of 3.3 feet/1 meter in length); - Try placing a powered USB hub (using and external power supply) between the console and the DJ controller. If however your Rmx seems to work fine, then it should be seen and configurable within DD. As to why your setting are not being saved, maybe some right management issue preventing DD from creating or saving the setting file ? Luis: The Rmx2 and the original Rmx are two different controllers. I've been working on porting the mappings for our older devices, but it,s been a while since I've had time, and you've been busy anyway ;-)
  12. Before buying anything, you might want to try some of the free quality samples you'll find below: http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/free-music-samples-download-loops-hits-and-multis-627820 https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2011/12/03/free-sample-shootout-7-best-free-guitar-and-bass-samples/ I'm sure you'll find what you need in there.
  13. Actually, that would be the Hercules scripts ;) I've started something basic that will work, but I'm no looking to do elaborate scripts for the older products.
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