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  1. Hello Yeow.

    Only have the one HB. I feel the walnut makes this guitar project the notes more and is a loud guitar using a pick. I'm more of a fingerpicker. Still trying out different strings. I like the E/B Everlast 11's so far.

    If you're still thinking about this axe, I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for the question.


  2. I would have preferred if 'all' of the albums were in a box set, be it vinyl(my choice) or cd. But alas, I see myself buying them.
  3. I have one of those Bhilwara Indian Rosewood AJ's Carlos.
  4. Nice CB! A little over a month ago I went into my local Long&McQuade to inquire about the new Fender Dimension bass. None were there but my buddy/salesperson Rick showed me the KDSG on their site, and the price was only 1399.00. Not having played a SG before I decided to put a downpayment on one(again, none in stock and no knowledge on when they would available). Thursday past it came in, picked it up on Friday. Very nice guitar and it's loud. No issues with the wiring. Only fault I found is when the toggle switch is in the neck position, the togpot is a little difficult to turn. Other then that, perfect! It's a keeper. Pics would be the same as CB's Teer
  5. Was into my local Long&McQuade today to pick up a harness for my Ric 4001. While there, my buddy Rick(salesperson) showed me a pic of the Kirk Douglas Gibson SG. I'm not a big fan of the SG but the price was too good to pass up, $1399.00 Needless to say I put a down payment on one. And its funny because I went in to purchase one of the new Fender Dimension basses. Go figure. And it's another Gibby in the family. Why not? The selector switch is also a blend knob for the middle p/u, as well as the neck & bridge p/u can be coil-split via the pots. Methinks a good buy. Teer
  6. I like Elixers as well. I've also tried Ernie Ball 'Everlast' (11-52 PB) which to my ears sound and feel great especially on my Martin. Gonna try a set on one of Gibbys. Check them out. Teer
  7. @Mersey, I purchased a set of Ernie Ball Everlast PB coated strings, 11-52 gauge. So far the best strings I've used on my Martin HD28. Haven't tried them on my Gibby's. Also, they're not cheap! @Euro, 11's no good for a Martin? Please elaborate? It's all a learning experience. Teer btw, put a set of Ernie Ball Slinkys 9-42 Cobalt on my LP Trad. I quite like them.
  8. I have a 75th Anni. AJ which i purchased last year. You all comment on the scale/fret/intonation/etc. I have noticed on mine that the bridge is higher on the bass side than on the treble side. Would this have something to do with the scale/.../etc.? Was it introduced back in the day, or a new modern modification? Go figure. Great post Tom. Teer
  9. This is probably a stupid question(and not relating to the video).....what are the differences between a Southern Jumbo and an Advanced Jumbo? I've read that the SJ is a sister to the J-45, what does that make an AJ(as opposed to the 45)be? And again, the differences? Teer
  10. Thanks for the vids Juan! I have one of those AJ's(75th anniversary) and the J-185(60th anniversary). Simply beautiful! The J-185 is a dream to play, has a sweet tone but don't have the boldness of the AJ. I might even say the J-45(standard) I have can't compete with the AJ. Bold words I know. Both the AJ & the J-185 were bought at my local 5 star Gibson dealer(Reid's Music). The J-45 bought at a local brick & mortar store. I also put on layaway a (only 60 made) Hummingbird at the 5 star dealer as well. Here's a pic: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SD12LTD (scroll down) Teer
  11. Would 'Tubular Bells' count? T
  12. Teer

    This normal?

    Thanks for all the replies. All of my other acoustics have the same height of bridge on both sides. Is there an advantage to one side being higher? Lower action maybe? Is this the norm for AJ's Curious. T
  13. Was playing my 75th anniversary AJ, great tone and playability btw. I noticed that the bass side of the bridge is higher than the treble side. Should I be concerned about this? Is there a reason for this? Is this normal for an AJ? I read a post similar about this before but I could not locate it in the search format. Any ideas? Teer
  14. Once again, went into my local 5-star Gibby dealer. Seen and played a Martin D12X1AE ($610) and a Guild 12-string ($2199), don't know the model number but it did say that it was hand-picked. For a low price Martin, it was extremely easy to play and had a great tone! The Guild I did not like, hard to play and had a dead sound. But yet the Guild was $1400 more! For my money the Martin is a better choice, the only drawback was it had a satin finish. I perfer gloss. But, I am thinking about purchasing this Martin. After all, the missus did gave me a $500 voucher for Christmas from this store. A no brainer in a way. And it would be nice to have a 12-string in the stable. Any thoughts? Teer
  15. So many choices. Can't demo the Ultrasound as no dealership here. Should have mention the amp would be mostly home use. Don't need a lot of wattage. But I will check out your suggestions. Thanks to all! Teer
  16. I'm considering an amplifier for my acoustics. I would like an AER, but kinda out of the ballpark price wise. I was thinking about the Fender Acousticsonic 100 or the Vox AGA70. Both sound great and they have modulations/reverb. What are your thoughts on these two models? Or, if you have other suggestions, I'd be happy to listen to them. And... Happy Christmas to all!!!! Teer
  17. Teer


    Here's a couple pics of the Hummingbird on layaway taken with my phone: Camera phone don't do justice. And the top pic is upside down(turn yer heads). Teer
  18. Teer


    Well, I decided to cancel the Vintage Sunburst Hummingbird. After all I have three other Gibbys with this finish. Instead I put a Custom Shop Cherryburst Hummingbird on lataway. Walnut back & sides, gold tuners, the finish is similar to veggieryan's Hummingbird,. Only 50 made. Will post a pic when I get her. Thanks for all the replies! Teer
  19. Teer


    Was into my local 5 star Gibson dealer, seen a Hummingbird with a vintage sunburst finish, always thought they had the cherry sunburst. Apparently only three available. I put it on hold. Any of you people seen one like this before? Here's a pic: http://www.reidmusic.com/spotlight.html Should I or shouldn't I...that is the question. Teer
  20. 'Riders In The Rain' is a good one with Randy & The Eagles. Teer
  21. Imo, a real Legend was taken away from us on the 8th of this month 32 yrs ago. Teer
  22. At the moment only four(see sig) but I was blown away by a 75th Anniversary Advanced Jumbo(2nd edition) at my 5-star retailer. Methinks I'll have five Gibbys soon. And to think only 4-5 yrs ago I never dreamed I would have a Gibson. Teer
  23. His name....Paul Cole, died a couple years ago. AFAIK, he never even heard the album. Teer
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