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  1. It could just be the V shaped neck on my Blues king. Are j-45 and AJ neck profiles the same as the BK, or different? BTW, just got a trade offer for a HD-28V ...what do you think ? The V part of the model number kinda tells me it has a v shaped neck, that's probably not gonna work...LOL
  2. Oh, and Zombywoof, thanks for the reminder about Larrivee , I have owned a few, great guitars ! Trying to remember if I ever had hand problems with them. I'll have to include them in the test drives
  3. Thanks for the replies all. jkinnama , I appreciate your imput, but I've tried it all. Bottom line for me is my other two guitars don't make the hand hurt, and neither did the Epi or the Guild I played. BKHarmony , I do take Glucosamine, twice a day, and it helps with my fibromyalgia, but the frettting hand cramps and aches, and sometimes it feels like I have bone splinters in the finger tips. But only with the Gibson (so far)
  4. I've been having issues with arthritis in my hands for over a year now, and I've about decided that the profile of the neck on my Blues King is aggravating it. I had the same problem with my J-45. I have three guitars in the house right now, all with the same nut width , but only the Gibby makes my hand and fingers hurt. I had a chance to play an Epiphone (Artist series I think) and a Guild GAD-30 last nite. The neck profiles on those seemed to be flatter and thinner, comfy in my hand. Tomorrow I will start the search for a new git , maybe look at Taylors and Martins too. If any of you have any imput , or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. My Blues King will probably show up on the for sale threads soon.
  5. Pretty little B25, and it almost looks like it has my name in it ! Can you do a sharp focus close up on the label near the neck block ? If it is my name , well then I got dibs on it ! LOL
  6. Thanks CAMELEYE , I can relate to your story , been there done that. And , i should make clear , I'm not grilling anyone on this , no integrity issues here, after all, , nobodies buying or selling here, just talking. I was just suprised that two people had bought Bubinga Bluses Kings with aftermarket pickguards from the same guy. I thought maybe you sold a pair of them , or maybe you were a dealer I should get to know. Still not sure I follow the breadcrumbs , but it's not important that I do. I'm looking forward to owning a Blues King myself soon.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Jerry K ..that was a great recording, my wife loved the song, and I had no complaints on the sound of the guitar. It's got a great voice on it. Oh , and the wife says you look like Spielburg. Thanks for doing the recording, I think you have swayed me. Now I gotta ask , both Jerry K and Es-335 bought Blues Kings from CAMELEYE ?? Somebody tell me the story ! BTW the one I have a lead on came with a factory gig bag , does anyone know where to buy a Gibson HSC for it, and about what they might cost. I gotta figure in the price of a HSC in the cost of this trade...Thanks again !
  8. I might have a chance of getting into a recent vintage Blues King, in a trade deal for my J45. If you own a Blues King, please give me your impressions. Tell me all the pros and cons of this guitar. I know it'll come down to a personal decision , but if you love them let me know, if you don't , well let me know gently. Thanks
  9. Thanks Jerry, I agree about the strap and standing up. That's about the only thing that can help me play longer with less discomfort. I was kinda leaning towards a J185Ec , but with the lower bout being the same as my J45... Any idea of the waist size and body depth on the ones you listed ? I appreciate your help on this. It's killing me , and my CFO, that I might take a loss on the new J45, but I guess I should start the search. Saw several possible candidates on G Base, and trying not to rush any decisions.
  10. First let me say that I am loving my 2008 J45, unfortunately the J45 is not loving me. Besides all the typical problems a guy my age has, like arthritis and healed up torn rotator cup, I have a torn bicep muscle on my right arm. Of course this arm rests on the upper bout of the 45 , making for an interesting evening of guitar playing.I am constantly having to shift the guitar, left leg , right leg, neck high, neck level..etc I fear that it may be time for me to give up my love of the J45 , in favor of a body size more suited to my limitations. As I'm sure you all know, specs for Gibsons are hard to come by. For my new guitar I think I should be looking at new or used LG LGo LO , Maybe J165 or J185. Could some of you please post not only reccomendations, but if you own a smaller body Gibson, give me some specs on upper and lower bout , body thickness, scale length,etc. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  11. No wrench with mine, just a single Gibson pick.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, it's gonna take some more research on my part. My modern classic was so thickly sprayed on the back of the headstock that you can just faintly see most of the Serial number , so maybe that's the case with this one. I'll see if I can arrange a road trip and a closer look. I'm pretty sure I scoped the neck block and saw nothing, but in the excitment of the moment I may have missed it if it was lightly stamped. I'll take an inspection mirror and my camera too. I'll post updates as I get them.
  13. A friend of mine recently inherited this J45 when a friend of his passed away. At one time he told me that it is a 1947 , but another time he thought it was a 1964. It has plenty of finish checking, the pickguard is not original , the tuners are also not original . But....I got a chance to play it on a gig for about thirty minutes, and wow ! For some reason, it seemed smaller , lighter, and sweeter than my modern classic. Plenty of voice to it , just a vintage sound to it I guess. Plus the fact that it is Hog and my is RW. Two regrets for me, he lives about two hours away, so I may not get to play it very often, and I should have taken more detailed pictures. I couldn't see any numbers on this git, other than J45 stamped on the center seam of the back. Nothing on the neck block, and if there are any numbers on the back of the headstock they are unreadable. There is a very slight chance that I might be able to purchase this one down the road, so nailing down the year (era) would certainly help. Also if you have any idea of the value please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help you might have for me.
  14. Shrimer..thanks for the imput. Take a look at this scan and see if you can read the sig for me , not sure if it's the guy you mentioned.
  15. Well I went ahead and bought the book. It is the limited edition hard cover, number 1956 of 5000. Signed by Ren Ferguson and whoever was president of Gibson in 1994. It is new and still in the protective plastic envelope. I'm pretty stoked , it makes a nice addition to my music room !
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