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  1. my SG kills you can shred on it all you want........ I have other Guitars with a Floyd Rose on them for dive bombing and that stuff.........
  2. Hi

    I am looking for a gentle and SEXy man

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Tooloud

  3. I use the Hybird set 9-46 light top heavy bottom....
  4. so I made the change from the mojotone quiet coil p90 noiseless set to the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Mini Humbucker set the guitar kills now, I had the mini hum Pickups in a fender modern player telecaster Deluxe Thinline whitch also sounded killer I am going to put the p90's in that, don't know if I should put the original gibson p90's from the Les Paul or the the Mojotone.
  5. tooloud

    show your sg

    2014 61' Guitar Center only SG, I liked the neck better on this one than the 2016 standard got it in 2016...... 2014 61 SG by tooloud
  6. I am Changing my 2017 les paul tribute from p90s to mini humbuckers The plate in the pickup cavity was drilled and tapped for both but they only drilled the height adjustment holes for the p90 so I drilled the hole's under the MH mounting holes.....
  7. After seeing bobby Whitlock in Houston Doing the Derek and the Dominos songs I wanted to do my Favorite one. I played all the Guitar Tracks.... I did not do the singing.... I wish I could sing. SoundCloud Bell Bottom Blues
  8. It Plays great sounds great and looks awesome, I am not an Epiphone lover the only other epi i have is a double cut 2x p90 les paul Jr that I play slide on, I was thinking about sending it back to get the gibson but dont know why i would. i am going to gig the crap out of it........
  9. got the guitar today it is awesome I lowered the bridge a little, and lowered the pickup sounds good and looks good so far I like it.
  10. Tracking says I'll get mine tomorrow I also got the sunburst model, A good guitar is a good guitar no matter what it says on the headstock. Glad to read your post makes me feel good about getting one.
  11. got the firebird 1 coming to my house tonight I am having second thoughts about not getting the Gibson for 300 more. I will try it out tonight see what it plays like.
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