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  1. I love it. I think it is very much reminiscent of the WWII aircraft paintings, as well as A-2 flight jackets, which were often painted on the back, or front. I have a few vintage flight jackets, and some repros with patches, or paintings. I think that transfer on your guitar is tasteful, and awesome. While I probably wouldn't have the nerve, I appreciate someone who did. Looks great!
  2. Excellent question-for me, it is mostly about the sound of the guitar. It sounds like a great slope-shoulder dread, and I love that sound. In terms of styling, I love it. Yes, looks like a Gibson, so hard to say for sure, but it's a look that works for me. I used to not like the slope-shoulder look at all, and thought guitars should be shaped like a 000/OM, but my tastes have grown/changed. I understand why Gibson would be upset with this, but I wouldn't be in the market for another Gibson of that style (have 2 and love them!), but may have been/be interested in a Kopp K35. Maybe even what
  3. This is a bit distressing for me, as I've wanted a Kopp K35 for a while now, and almost, almost pulled the trigger on one. In any case, I'd likely be buying used, so there are still options, but from what I've seen and heard, the Kopp K35 is just about as good as it gets if you are looking for a slope dread sound. I think that Gibson is probably well within its rights to send him that letter, but I wished they would live and let live. I wish Kevin only the best, as well as Gibson. I love my SCSJ, and J45 TV, and Hummingbird. I think a K35 would fit in just fine
  4. eFFing fantastic! Really strong work-this is what music is all about Thanks for this
  5. I'd have to agree, Lars-and thank you for your helpful comments on mine. It's an amazing guitar, and I'm glad I have one! Chris
  6. Absolutely do not try a repair yourself. This is a NEW guitar, and you shouldn't be having any issues with it after a week. I'd make sure the shop knows, and fixes it to your satisfaction. You don't want this recurring, and them not honoring a warranty because you tried a repair yourself first
  7. Beautiful! Glad you got it! They are simply wonderful guitars, and I'm quite impressed with mine. Only niggles I have heard about/experienced: The pick guard placement (mine came to me either replaced, or reset) and the tuners-I wasn't a fan of the stock (in my case, 3 separate tuners per side) so I changed to Waverlies. I like the way the later ones (yours) look much better-how do they operate? I think these TV guitars are great, and have not found one that's not at the very least "good"
  8. The TV is another fantastic guitar. I have heard a couple that weren't so great, but all have been at least "good." When you find a great one though, wow! Any pictures?
  9. Thanks for your comments. I agree that the SCSJ is an awesome-sounding guitar. If I could change anything, it'd probably be the bound fingerboard, because I tend to like the unbound feel a bit more, but it's not a big deal, and I adjust to it without issue. Then again, I can easily be convinced that it's perfect as-is! I highly recommend picking one up if you can find one. I missed out on a couple because I didn't act fast enough, so buying this one all the way from Japan was my best bet. Glad I did
  10. I agree. I like both the TV and the SCSJ a lot, and right now it seems whichever's in my hands is the favorite. Then, I pick up the other, and it begins again... My J-45TV is a 2007, and is apparently a Sitka top-this may be a factor in why these two guitars have a different "flavor" so to speak. I think the TV comes off a bit darker, and the SCSJ a bit brighter. Hard to quantify in words. They are both staggeringly good, and as mentioned, I intended to sell the "loser" as I thought they'd be too similar, however, that has not happened. They are both excellent, and I cannot bring myse
  11. Thank you! I actually purchased that at LMI. They occasionally have the Greven (actually no longer Greven) Tor-tis pick guards available in cut/beveled form. Usually, if I get material from them, it will be uncut, and I'll have my luthier cut/bevel the material to fit. In this case, it was a happy accident that I logged on to that site, and found this one that would work. Snatched it up straightaway. I cannot say enough about the SCSJ-tremendous guitar, and I'm playing that, and my J-45 TV (another awesome guitar) all the time now. I love short-scale, and the sound I get from thes
  12. Here are two quick pics of the SCSJ with the new pick guard. You can also see the new bone bridge pins, and the ramp/slot in the bridge. I think this pick guard worked well with the sunburst of the SCSJ, with the darker section of the guard matching well to the burst. Very happy with this. I think the increased break angle over the saddle adds to an already tremendous sound from this guitar, and I'm very happy with the work. I can post pics of the J-45 TV, but really all you'd see are the new tuners (butter-bean ivroid Waverly) and the ramping/slotting of the bridge, and bone pins
  13. I'd love a couple if you have them to spare!
  14. In this case, SCSJ means Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo. So, both Gibsons! I agree, J-45 TV are amazing instruments
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