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  1. Thanks to everyone! I’m trying to looking for a luthier but with the virus is difficult 😞 . Maybe in a few weeks. The truth is that its needs a good set.
  2. Thank you for your help. It is not a new guitar. A couple of years ago I took the guitar to a luthier to lower the strings a little and he said that it was no longer possible to lower them. The truth is at that time the guitar mounted 12 gauge. Now I have changed to a 11 gauge and in my opinion I think it could go lower but I don't know and that's why I'm asking you. I’m sorry, my English is not good at all 😞
  3. Thanks for explaining it better. Now I have this action treble: It is a very high action!!!! Do you think it is possible to get 3-4/64 in this guitar? I am looking for a luthier to make the changes...
  4. Thanks! But I do not understand when you say: “4-5/64s B and 3-4/64s T”. I found this information for Gibson’s guitar:
  5. Thank you. I think it’s better to contact a luthier ...I'm not very skillful with this 😔
  6. Thank you! Gibson confirmed me that this model has P90 pickup.👏🏻
  7. Hi everybody!! I am changing my Gibson’s J160e strings to 11s (before 12s), and I have verified that the action of the guitar is very high... On the other hand, when placing the strings I have seen that the bridge has two string marks, as if when touching the previous strings they had moved and now I do not know what the correct position is. Please look at these pictures, what do you think ?. Thank you for your help If anyone have this guitar, please help me.!!!
  8. Hi! Gibson said me yesterday: “Hello I am sorry, the specifications on Rainbow (this is the partner) don’t appear to be accurate. Our own internal spec sheets call for the P-90 pickup for this model. I will confirm this with our factory still. Kind regards,” Thank you Red 333
  9. thanks for your answer. I think it is a P90 Please, look at the photo attach.
  10. hi! Today, Gibson said me that my j-160E vintage limited edition from custom shop come with P-100. And they sent me the following link: https://www.rainbowguitars.com/guitar/gibson-montana/j-160e-vintage-sunburst-limited-edition-2014/AS16VSNH1/GB do you have another information, because they refers me to a partner. thank you
  11. Hello,Im owner of a Gibson J160e custom shop serial n 10854012 that I bought in a internet shop five years ago (www.pourlesmusiciens.com).I need to know more information about my guitar, because I have not the specifications and I would like to know for example if the finish is nitro (I have a little dent in the neck and needs reparation) , if the pickup is P-90 etc... For me essential if I want to sell it in a future.Being a custom guitar, I do not know what alteration it made with respect to the standard model.Attach photos Thank you for your help!!
  12. Estimado compañero, si tuviese la oportunidad de comprarla en una tienda de mi ciudad, no dude que lo haría. Como no se da el caso, tengo que recurrir a este tipo de compras...Saludos!
  13. Hola a todos! necesito vuestra opinión al respecto. Ayer he recibido mi Epi ib Texan 64 y he detectado una serie de cosas que no me han gustado nada. Desconozco el protocolo de calidad que siguen en Thomman, pero la verdad es que no puedo llegar a comprender como envían una guitarra en este estado. 1. Los botones del puente no son iguales, uno de ellos es diferente al resto. 2. La pegatina del logo de epiphone del golpeador se ha caído sin tocarlo. 3. Al mirar el interior de la caja de resonancia de la guitarra se ve la luz del día en dos puntos. 4. Lo más grave de todo son dos fisuras,
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