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  1. 60 years old with lots of time to play music & enjoy my Hummingbird a lot more each day
  2. Prayers for Good Rest & Healing / All the Best for You
  3. I would say Yes! If you can afford it and swing a deal. It is better to enjoy life with something than to look back in regret years from now and wonder 'What If' I saved up for a used Hummingbird. A '63' that I bought in 1973 & never looked back in regret. Pure Joy in all the years I've had My 'Bessie' and would not change a thing. Life is to short to do without a Dream Gibson when it can "Happen for You" "Enjoy That Gibson!"
  4. Nice Gibson You had it long enough to get the feel of it ~ Get ready for Years of Joy with that one
  5. I think it was Johnny Horton that wrote that song :-" Enjoyed His Music till He died in a plane crash / Who Ever Win's a War
  6. Great Choice Now the Fun Begins
  7. I would have to add: Tommy Emmanuel & Muriel Anderson
  8. Good Song Larry / Enjoyed the words & playing
  9. My Hummingbird I named "Me Bessie" after my Beautiful Wife {a Sappony Indian} They both Look & Sound Beautiful My other Guitars have not been with me long enough to get a name {They have to earn it} 'Enjoy that Gibson'
  10. Hello Everybody / I just a Genz Benz Shenandoah Acoustic 250-LT amp. Looked a while for something that was light weight & strong enough for Churches,Center Senior, Rest Home, etc. and this one did the trick. 26 pounds with 2 mic. 2 guitar hook-up and 17 voices. Great for me to use in any time or place. They make a Shenandoah 300-LT now that is even smaller. I paid $750.00 for it in '08' with no problems.
  11. Enjoy Your Music Also, Like Your Style, Voice & of Course Your Gibson s
  12. I Love my Hummingbird & it will be with me in my lifetime & pray that I have someone in my family to carry-on with it / my L4-A is a nice Gibson but I wish for a J-45 now. The L4-A isn't made now, but the J-45 is timeless. Oh well, and the Washburn 12 string was a nice gift from my family in '08' / I liked Gibsons as a young man & saved for years for my H-bird & will never look back on that move / I started to buy a Martin just because its my wife's maiden name & a Taylor because that's my mothers side of our family's name, but tone,sound,price, etc. stopped that/ everybody has their on drum to play or in Our Case a "Gibson" right! (to put another brand down, I don't!) I know their are lots of guitar players that would like a Gibson but can't afford their Dream Guitar & settle for less/ I feel blessed to have my Hummingbird & able to have kept it all these years. Nice Talk, "Enjoy that Gibson, You'll"
  13. I have a 63 Hummingbird & have been using .013-.056 for years tuned to 440 pitch with no problems / And a J-45 will handle that just fine. Tuned down 1/2 step for your voice is a good idea if that is what you like. Enjoy that Gibson!
  14. I will say this is a Great Forum and love to read it almost daily / I do not post comments for I type slow & do not have as many post as others / but I feel Welcome & Close to All that Love Our Gibson's,music, etc. / I wish I had the information I learn here daily about Guitars years ago / The People Here are very Good and I would Say "The Best" for sharing information about the Instruments we all love & respect / I was looking & I have been a member since 'Feb. 09' / Man time fly's by when your having fun. I guess you could call me an Old Newbie. / Appreciate You'll & the knowledge You share. Paul Dean from: Roxboro,North Carolina "Enjoy That Gibson"
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