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  1. 60 years old with lots of time to play music & enjoy my Hummingbird a lot more each day
  2. Prayers for Good Rest & Healing / All the Best for You
  3. I would say Yes! If you can afford it and swing a deal. It is better to enjoy life with something than to look back in regret years from now and wonder 'What If' I saved up for a used Hummingbird. A '63' that I bought in 1973 & never looked back in regret. Pure Joy in all the years I've had My 'Bessie' and would not change a thing. Life is to short to do without a Dream Gibson when it can "Happen for You" "Enjoy That Gibson!"
  4. Nice Gibson You had it long enough to get the feel of it ~ Get ready for Years of Joy with that one
  5. I think it was Johnny Horton that wrote that song :-" Enjoyed His Music till He died in a plane crash / Who Ever Win's a War
  6. Great Choice Now the Fun Begins
  7. I would have to add: Tommy Emmanuel & Muriel Anderson
  8. Good Song Larry / Enjoyed the words & playing
  9. My Hummingbird I named "Me Bessie" after my Beautiful Wife {a Sappony Indian} They both Look & Sound Beautiful My other Guitars have not been with me long enough to get a name {They have to earn it} 'Enjoy that Gibson'
  10. Hello Everybody / I just a Genz Benz Shenandoah Acoustic 250-LT amp. Looked a while for something that was light weight & strong enough for Churches,Center Senior, Rest Home, etc. and this one did the trick. 26 pounds with 2 mic. 2 guitar hook-up and 17 voices. Great for me to use in any time or place. They make a Shenandoah 300-LT now that is even smaller. I paid $750.00 for it in '08' with no problems.
  11. Enjoy Your Music Also, Like Your Style, Voice & of Course Your Gibson s
  12. I Love my Hummingbird & it will be with me in my lifetime & pray that I have someone in my family to carry-on with it / my L4-A is a nice Gibson but I wish for a J-45 now. The L4-A isn't made now, but the J-45 is timeless. Oh well, and the Washburn 12 string was a nice gift from my family in '08' / I liked Gibsons as a young man & saved for years for my H-bird & will never look back on that move / I started to buy a Martin just because its my wife's maiden name & a Taylor because that's my mothers side of our family's name, but tone,sound,price, etc. stopped that/ everybody has their on drum to play or in Our Case a "Gibson" right! (to put another brand down, I don't!) I know their are lots of guitar players that would like a Gibson but can't afford their Dream Guitar & settle for less/ I feel blessed to have my Hummingbird & able to have kept it all these years. Nice Talk, "Enjoy that Gibson, You'll"
  13. I have a 63 Hummingbird & have been using .013-.056 for years tuned to 440 pitch with no problems / And a J-45 will handle that just fine. Tuned down 1/2 step for your voice is a good idea if that is what you like. Enjoy that Gibson!
  14. I will say this is a Great Forum and love to read it almost daily / I do not post comments for I type slow & do not have as many post as others / but I feel Welcome & Close to All that Love Our Gibson's,music, etc. / I wish I had the information I learn here daily about Guitars years ago / The People Here are very Good and I would Say "The Best" for sharing information about the Instruments we all love & respect / I was looking & I have been a member since 'Feb. 09' / Man time fly's by when your having fun. I guess you could call me an Old Newbie. / Appreciate You'll & the knowledge You share. Paul Dean from: Roxboro,North Carolina "Enjoy That Gibson"
  15. Wow, Happy for You & Thank You for such a Great Review in detail / Enjoyed the read & makes me want one So Bad. "Enjoy That Gibson"
  16. That is a good question. I have a friend in our band that has a '63' & his is cherry sides and back / My Bird is Mahogany sides & back & the back is one piece of wood / that might be it or the inlay, maybe the adjustable saddle. I'm not sure? But She is Sweet! The bridge had lifted up over the years and split so this picture is the old one / I had a luthier put a traditional saddle & bridge and replace it with bone saddle & pins. Now the Tone is .... Well You'll Know Don't mean to get side tracked on this thread :unsure: But thank you for asking. "Enjoy That Gibson"
  17. Oh Well, I wish I knew how to get photo's on the page / But there are Pictures on photobucket.com under the name: spanishoaknc / Don't know how to get bits or vidio on either / at one time my photobucket link was on my Forum Page but after it crashed I thing last year the link was gone. Enjoy That Gibson
  18. I got a '63' Hummingbird Custom that I purchased in '73' / With 10 yrs of wear on the PG the Bird on the PG was faded then, I guess from the 1st owners playing style / It is the same shape now as then for I play finger style with five fingers / It sounded great then and now She Talks with 49 yrs of wood tone ageing / People ask me all the time about the PG wear & I explain it was like that at 10 yrs. / But No doubt they know it is a Hummingbird / No problem with me when I got it then & I Love the Tone Now / No regrets - would do the same again. paid $350.00 in '73' & to Me Now She is Priceless
  19. Wow I thing of two Gibsons 1st a Custom Hummingbird KOA / 2nd a Jackson Brown Signature A / Never played either one but a Dream is a Dream & I'm sticking to it Enjoy That Gibson!
  20. Hi Everybody / This is my '63' Custom Hummingbird & '08' L4-A / "Enjoy That Gibson" from: Roxboro, North Carolina Paul Dean
  21. Wow an easy number to remember for sure / I think April 21 is Earth Day / But I'm not sure about the numbers meaning any thing but It could be a Lucky Gibson to Have
  22. This is apropos for our times here in the good ol' USA. So true about the home boys in DC / I could play Ry Cooder all night on the CD player And You thought I was going to say on the guitar, right Enjoy that Gibson
  23. Nice '62' Hummingbird and great shape,tone and all / I have a '63' Hummingbird Custom with great tone and a joy to play / 48 years old but shows its age more / My main Guitar for years / The tone gets better over time / Don't know why it is called a custom, maybe the ajustable bridge or the mahogany back,sides & neck? I use 13-56 strings and thats my baby for Life Wow~enjoy that '62' Bird it Only gets better / Enjoy that Gibson ~ from: North Carolina
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