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  1. Hey my friend. Firstly ... welcome to the forum. Get ready for a ton of info from these guys, in both opinion and actual fact form !! Mostly actual fact !! As for me, I did the same thing you did about a year ago. I found this real nice Epiphone EJ200SCE on E-bay. It was about 6mos old, and a "have to sell" seller put it up. I got it and started the same way as you, having played guitars for a number of years, but not recently. I'll cut to the chase of this post and tell you what I did that really made this beast come alive. I changed out the synthetic Nut and Saddle for Bone. The original string height was right on for me so I just insured that the new Bone Nut and Saddle were the same height as the originals. After a little studying, I went with Gibson J200 Light strings. The action on them is real nice and they have a good feel to them, and produce awesome and very clean volume un-amped. Other than that, I've just been enjoying having a guitar that out performs me and makes me look real good playing it !!
  2. Cougar .. you can hand some people a wash tub and several strands of clothesline, and they'll be able to make it sound like a Gibson. I think you're one of those people. Listening to the first clip you sent makes it real hard to stay with wanting a Epiphone EJ212CE-12. One of the main reasons I got my EJ200CE/N was sound reproduction vs cost. Mine was 6mo old used, from the original buyer, and I gave $475 with the hardcase, and it was flawless ...and I've never looked back and said to myself, I made the wrong choice. I've done some modifying...upgraded the saddle and nut to bone, put on some Gibson J200L strings. The thing just sings. I use it for praise and worship at my church, and everyone loves the way it sounds, both amped and unamped. I'm sure there are 12strings out there that sound just as good as my EJ200CE ... and this is where my quest begins. If you can't take a EJ200CE Jumbo body, and transform it into a 12er....then what 12s are out there that already sound as good as my EJ200CE 6string, keeping cost in mind. My price range is $500 or less. Thanx in advance guys !!
  3. That's what I like about this forum, and the members. Objective opinions based on knowledge....and replacement options. So in essence, I may not get what I'm looking for in a Epiphone, and most assuredly not from one converted from a 6 to 12string. Guild seems to get a thumbs up aye. But if I want to stay with Epi, the Epiphone EJ-212CE is getting the nod. Thanks for the early responses. I'm looking forward to reading more responses as this post grows and attracts attention !!
  4. I have a EJ200CE, and am really liking it for many reasons. Mostly, for the price I gave it is really a beautiful, full sounding guitar, even unamped. I have been a real fan of 12string guitars for many years and am looking to go that direction again. My question is a technical one. Rather than try to find a 12string I'm satisfied with, would it be feasibly possible to adapt a 12string neck and bridge to the EJ200CE body? Strikes me that the sound you'd get out of it would be nothing less than amazing.
  5. I wanted to get back in here and update this post as I said I would. I wound up running the Elixers for several more weeks of at least a hour a day playing, just to give them a full break in and show their stuff. In the mean time I did get some Gibson J200 lights in preparation to change the Elixers out. I also wanted to work up the nerve to change out the old Plastic Saddle with a new Bone Saddle. Knowing there was going to be some trimming, fitting and reshaping involved in getting the new Saddle to fit like the old plastic did without going to far had me a bit fearful, but in the end I overcame the anxiety, and went ahead like I knew what I was doing. I just finished the transition and I am really glad that I did. I fit the new Saddle in it's slot perfectly, restrung it with the J200s and all I can say is ... YES, you can tell the difference between the two string sets. The J200s are amazingly rich in tone and overall quality of sound. I wasn't really looking for overall volume, just overall tonal quality, and the difference between the two sets was striking. I think that's all I can add. I will never get any other strings for my Epiphone EJ200SCE/N other than the Gibson J200 strings. And a side note, the Bone Nut/Saddle change-out in my opinion is a must do for these big bodied babies. This guitar just keeps getting better and better !!
  6. Partner..I'm gonna run with your opinion and restring mine with the J200 PB Lights also. From what I've read and researched, and by your comments also, it strikes me that the Elixers are a long lasting string, but you do forfeit a variable of tonal quality depending on the guitar you string them with. I'm for cranking out all the quality sound that this Jumbo can produce, so the Gibson J200s, being guitar body specific, seem to be the most practical choice. I'll keep you updated on how this comes out. And thanks for your opinions and information, it's greatly appreciated !!
  7. ...and was the results what you expected. I broke the upper E string (unknown brand?) of the stock strings that came on my lightly used EJ200SCE/N while replacing the stock Nut/Saddle with Bone. I replaced them with the Elixer Phos Bronze Med/Lights (12-56). I've been playing them for about two months now and am just not satisfied with the way they perform, and even sound compared to the ones that were on it which I have no idea what they were. I've since bought a set of Gibson J200 PB Lights, but as of yet haven't traded them out thinking the Elixers need more time to break in. If I go ahead and trade them out now will I see and feel the difference with the J200s right away?
  8. http://www.sweetwater.com/c927--Acoustic_Guitar_Strings?params=eyJmYWNldCI6eyJCcmFuZCI6WyJHaWJzb24gQWNjZXNzb3JpZXMiXX19
  9. Moving forward into my EJ200ce adventure. After reading multiple reviews on the differences the cheaper EJ200ce has from say the Masterbilts or the Gibson counterpart, I decided to do the upgrading I mentioned in a earlier post .. IE, installing a Bone Nut and Saddle. The ones I got claimed to be drop in capable, but as it turned out, there was some trimming and sanding that needed to be preformed before it all came out right. The Bone Nut was a near drop in part which only required some minor sanding to fit perfectly. The Bone Saddle however took some more effort to get it to conform to the previous Saddles shape and fit. I had to trim nearly .0625" off the bottom to get it down to where the elders height was...and a bit more sand shaping to get it to slip perfectly into the Saddle slot on the Bridge. This was a bit troublesome for me since I just stuck it all back together the first time, only to find out the strings towered over the guitars neck making it a real pain for me to play. But after two adjustments...and 1 broken high E string later, it came out awesome. Did I mention the broken E string. That came just before the final Saddle adjustment, so I had to stop with the Bone replacement and adjusting, and move into the String replacement part of the transfiguration. I was going to replace the strings anyway, just not quite in that order. I went with Elixer PhosBronz Nono in a Med/Light 12~56 just to break my old fingers in on. I installed them before adjusting the final Saddle height adjustment so you can only imagine how let down I was when I tried to play on them with the strings about a mile above the neck. I literally put the guitar back in the case and decided I better walk away before I messed something up. Took it back out the next day, loosened the strings, dropped the Saddle and made the .0625 lowering adjustment. Put it back together and tuned it in and oh baby. It was worth all the effort to get it right. I was really happy just to get a guitar back into my life, but now it's like this thing plays itself in my hands. I'm totally stoked and extremely happy with this set up. I don't know anything else I can do to it other than play it, and enjoy it. It's beautiful !!! PS..had and opportunity to try it on a amp at church. Superb sound, no hiccups. It just sang and impressed the all folks who heard it. And no rapid battery deplete with this one. Everything Electronic seems to be just fine.
  10. My EJ200 came today. Very nice, sounds great. Played it for about a hour and the only things that stood out were a bit of fret buzz, which is a fixable issue. But the top guitar strap button seems to be in a strange place facing out of the top back toward you ?? Makes the guitar tilt out away from you when standing and playing. Is this just me missing something. Or does this seem a bit strange to other guitar players too ?? Other than that, this baby just sings and cranks out massive sound without even trying to compel it to do so. I'm very impressed and very satisfied with it. Like I said, $372.00 with the hard case. It's all good .. I'm all smiles !!
  11. Yes, and Amen. The set I got professes to be a perfect swap out for the plastics. If this comes out the way I hope, this guitar should be more than adequate for my needs, and give me a lifetime of playing pleasure.
  12. I'm thinking that changing the stock plastic Nut and Bridge out for a Bone Nut and Bridge shouldn't cause any interference with the Guitars Electronics. But I'll take your advice and check into it. I did find a exact replacement, Compensated Bone NUT and SADDLE Set made for Epiphone Acoustic Guitars at Musician At Heart. $21 shipped. I'll let all know how this adventure turns out.
  13. After about a month of research, it come down to bucks...and bang for the buck.I narrowed my choices down to two, the DR500, and the EJ200. I had my eye on several at auction, and in the end I got a lightly used EJ200sce/n w/Epiphone hard case for $372.00 shipped. Hasn't made it here yet but I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing, and will post some pictures when it arrives. The pictures of the guitar were beautiful. I'm going to get a jump on a few items though and need your advise. I bought a set of backup Elixer PB strings in a light/med combo (11-56). I'm interested in getting the Bone Nut, Bridge, Pins set for it, but not sure where to locate them. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Acts

    Gig Bag

    Yes .. and while I was there I also found this one !! http://www.amazon.com/ProTec-CF235-Protec-Deluxe-Dreadnought/dp/B001BAMOAM/ref=sr_1_1_m?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1444773719&sr=1-1&keywords=Protec+Deluxe+Dreadnought+Bag
  15. Acts

    Gig Bag

    Thought I'd run this through the Epiphone Acoustic Forum since you all would know the most about it. I'm in the process of acquiring a Epi Jumbo guitar, probably the EJ200. I've run into some fairly good deals on them but most don't include a case or Gig Bag. When looking through various site for cases and bags, I've pretty much ruled out a case simply for expense sake. Just can't afford them. That leaves me with about a $50 or less window to get as efficient a Gig Bag as possible. I've found various bags that fall into that criteria, a good number of them running $25-$35, but the problem is .. will a EJ200 Jumbo fit in them. And that's where you come in. You now know the guitar I'm getting, and the price range of the Gig Bag I need. Can you point me in the right direction that will lead me to the right Gig Bag. Thanks in advance guys.
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