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  1. Is it a good guitar? Worth buying?
  2. Frets On The Net https://www.fretsonthenet.com/Engraving/customengraving.htm Dave can make about anything you need and many selections to choose from. I recommend them highly
  3. The best way to describe the contact with this neck is, it grabs your hand as you play it, not letting you leave until you have been convinced of its being. You will find yourself either in love or running for the door. That simple. I never thought I would like it, but I'll be damm if it didn't just whip me instantly. Then I had to go all out and add new wiring, bridge, staple pickup and stuff. It truly will take you.
  4. I haven't come around here in a while, so I missed this thread It's been about a year since a few changes took place in my '55 land: I was told waffleback tuners wouldn't work out on the guitar due to the size of the headstock.. simply not true I see. Thorn GT-90 with Gold staples Bourn's pots/OD caps ABR-1 / and conversion posts New Switch (oops, wrong color) Truss Rod Cover Jack/Jack plate I really didn't do much else but a good set-up but Yours looks The Deal. Very nicely done of course I had a bit of inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXiMSnSUeY0&t=96s
  5. Pretty close! New pickguard and bracket, Witch Hat knobs for metric guitar, Switchcraft mini toggle w/tip Plain TRC, Gotoh bridge, Yellowjackets, output jack. It plays so good, It's just a special guitar and needed a tiny bit of effort shown to it besides just a good set-up and strap with strap loc's. I had ordered an ABR-1 conversion bridge and posts from Phila. Luthier Tools but it came out too loose, didn't fit snug, so I went with the Gotoh.
  6. Finally got around to getting some mods/updates done to one of my favorites. Can you spot the changes?
  7. The picture either has a strange reflection on it or is stamped a 2nd/used
  8. I'm doing the same with my ES 335 Pro had to order the pickguard off Reverb from a seller that makes a 5 ply version specific for the current Epiphone 335 Pro, I ordered it without the hole drilled for the bracket because I want to glue the bracket on. I had ordered a Bosco 335 style pg but it doesn't fit, is 3 ply, and looks cheap
  9. Depends on the need I suppose.. for a heavy band playing Paranoid, like my situation, needed the over the top, Treble..crispy feeling. On the Other Hand, Songs like the solo's in Sweet Child O' Mine I see the toggle switch go UP and that solo played in the Rhythm position. My style of playing has changed somewhat, but for the longest time I kept my switch on Treble
  10. Could this be the one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vibramate-Custom-Made-Cover-Nameplate-for-V7-335-Guitar-Adapter-PG-0819-023/323449066423?hash=item4b4f1113b7:g:R2kAAOSwH4NZiTly
  11. The 498T will add the Punch to a solo, and boosts well 'over the top' of the mix, when needed. Rolls off nicely. The 490T, even though very warm for rhythm, doesn't have the 'Punch' required for the stand out solo. Kind of the difference between a Duncan JB and an SH-6. SH-6 is a hot pickup JB is not quite as hot, but well balanced and darn good sounding. I added a 498T to my 2010 SG Faded to match the output of my SG standard. SG faded came stock with the 490t, but no matter how much I tried it just didn't have the 'Super Distortion' sound I was after, without being a Super D. The 498t was Everything in the ballpark I wanted, but not so over the top and shrillll sounding . The 498T was my best friend at one point. Everything about it was just perfect for my needs. (to be more clear about it, I was using a Marshall HDFX at the time so my choices weren't possibly the best in the amp dept....we learn)
  12. Came out better than expected!
  13. There's bound to be some new, tiny problem with the release of something most people -such as myself- had never even heard of. ..but dang if it doesn't sound like the coolest option
  14. I have a 2015 model that was delivered with Grover tuners on it on sale for under 1k, new. I was understanding it was originally a Tronical tuner model but this guitar came to me well set-up, had a bench picture, all it needed was new strings. Plays like a dream. Really good, thick sound that plays well in about any situation. A heavy guitar, well balanced, great tone. It may be a different bag for me so I'm good with all of it.
  15. I had a Dimarzio Super Distortion along with an SH-2 in the neck in a 2007 Epi Les Paul not a common pair but it worked great Epiphones at the time needed about as much doctoring as you could give them.
  16. That's nice, But my Gibson Les Paul Tribute Plus doesn't need anything to make it better. Flaming is a bit hard to capture, but you get the idea Just crank the Burstbucker pickups cause the Locking Tuners hold so well! I sure didn't pay out the roof for it either, so, ya know. And scraping it around the edges is Not my option. Thank you... It's all fair in Love & War. and here's another one of my sub $1000 Gibson guitars bought in 2016 for $999, Brand spankin' new! G-Force tuners removed, replaced with Kluson Supreme after maybe 3 months and btw neither have veneers!
  17. You should buy the ABR-1 no wire bridge from them as well It works great I think it adds a chime to it and I like the sound. I bought a Mighty Mite bridge from Stew Mac at first that was on sale and it didn't work out. The holes were wider than expected and left it loose Ordering the ABR-1 (no wire) bridge from Philadelphia Luthier Tools was a good fit so that's what I would recommend.
  18. If it's any consolation I had a G-400 faded with a 2 piece body and pickups that were....Good! It's nothing at all like the true Gibson SG really and my 2014 Std. is just impeccable. No doubt best deal ever at $999. I took off the G-Force tuners after about 3 months and put Kluson Supremes on it. There's nothing like the feel or the candy smell of this guitar and even though I love my current Epi Les Pauls and think the build quality is Tops Epiphone needs to work on the SG. The pitch bend in the neck varies, but is still a deal breaker for me The veneer isn't really necessary, and for a short moment in 2013 factory 23 had some out with no veneer and a good bevel cut along the body and horns looking like a '62 SG. very short lived
  19. Good sounding pickup. Easy install-dropped right in The ABR-1 conversion/bridge, Rings tone. full sounding I had the wiring done in October, Bourns pots, Sprague caps new switchcraft jack/mini-toggle so it's got the 50's vibe
  20. I don't own the RD but if it's Anywhere close to the Artisan LP get your hands in action on that beautiful fretboard and own those pickups once they are dialed in. Sure love the tone of this beast
  21. From the day I looked at this video after I had bought the Epiphone guitar HTTP://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXiMSnSUeY0 I've been thinking about, and kept putting it off now it's getting ready! It's going to be a good time. Let's see The neck pickup is where it will be residing in the 'Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom' Also, Custom trc was engraved ABR-1 bridge with conversion posts is ready to go into place Why? I want this guitar to harken deep back to its roots! and this is probably the only time I'll get so deep, but if the bridge works out nicely I might retrofit my other guitars with it
  22. Les Paul 100 is more like it. $279 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ENBHSCH--epiphone-les-paul-100-heritage-cherry-sunburst?mrkgcl=28&mrkgadid=3251364855&rkg_id=h-4c2a965fc7417cbcf67efd865b3956b6_t-1520533423&utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=PPC&utm_campaign=aaShopping%2520-%2520Core%2520-%2520Guitars&utm_term=ProductType3%3Dsolidbody%2520guitarsBrand%3Depiphone&campaigntype=shopping&campaign=aaShopping%2520-%2520Core%2520-%2520Guitars&adgroup=Guitars%2520-%2520Electric%2520Guitars&placement=bing&creative=78065365366872&device=c&matchtype=e
  23. The Schaffer Replica® I would go for the small box model (It was around $350 a few years ago..and still is.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Schaffer-Replica-Pedal-Authentic-Schaffer-Vega-Diversity-Tone/231691913083?hash=item35f1ea077b:g:wHoAAOSweW5VClcz new version: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Solodallas-STORM-Schaffer-Replica-Pedal-Black-Ships-Worldwide/292315939959?hash=item440f634477:g:YhcAAOSweM1Z-6ZN but if you just don't know it Solo has built replacement units/towers for Angus Young and delivered his to him in person and is the King of the AC/DC tone. Sources/Reproduces/Builds his amps and guitars to suit Over the past decade he has made strides at bringing the 'Back In Black' sound to anyone who dares to accomplish it. It isn't at a low dollar price After Solo got his feet off the ground prices went crazy. Just a few years ago before AC/DC's 'Rock or Bust' and everything surrounding Angus getting that drive and tone back ...that the Schaffer provided, these were relatively low cost and easy to own (sans the few replicas built by Schaffer himself that saw the initial top shelf prices.) I've read some that if you write Solo Dallas and tell him you have a need for a unit at a lower cost and give a good reason why he may work with you.
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