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  1. Hi folks, I recently squeezed the trigger on my first vintage guitar, a 1950 J-45. It's had some prior repairs, cracking to the player's side lower bout, and some type of work around the heel of the neck. What it may need is a neck reset, definitely a complete refret and maybe a bridge plate replacement. As well as a new bone nut and saddle installed. (And of course cleating any cracks that are found) I live in San Francisco and cant afford to pay Gryphon Strings or SF Guitarwork's high rates for the services my new (old) guitar may need. There's also the fact that these shops are always very busy and have long waiting lists. I was wondering if I could ask you all for recommendations of Gibson repairmen that you have personally used or can vouch for. I can send this to any state, I don't mind that, my primary concern is quality work that I can trust. Preferably someone who specializes in Gibson Jumbo repair. Any thoughts or referrals I'd be grateful for. Thanks much & god bless
  2. Hey folks! Just bumped into this deal & wanted to share it. No affiliation. Looks like Guitar Center Denver has a worn-in Southern Jumbo TV for a pretty good deal of $1,499.00 https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gibson/Southern-Jumbo-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-114840887.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzMSfisWA3wIVciCtBh1GFgEREAQYAyABEgJrYvD_BwE I'd get it if I didn't already have an AL SJ. Enjoy!
  3. Nice guitar Neil! This is the first I've heard about the Larson Bros company being reborn. They have some great looking guitars! I especially love their relied versions of the L-00's. I see that they are based in Germany and the company has only European dealerships at this time. Are you based in Europe? Also, I'm very curious about their price point. They have no price information on their website. (they also don't mention scale length or neck profile info) I'd love to get my hands on one of these if the price is right! Would you mind revealing what you paid for this beauty if that's not too indiscrete? Thanks much & happy New Year!
  4. Holy crap! Those frets look almost as large as the nut!!
  5. I saw this one on Ebay and Reverb I believe. Was gassing for it, but just not the right time. It's so rare to get a 1.75 Gibby. -I kinda saw this as a less expensive, more accessible version of a j-45 legend, which will likely be outta my league without trade-ins, etc. What is the difference between the J-45 Legend and this re-issue? Just all hide glue construction?
  6. Then sir you are in luck. Chicago Music Exchange just got at least five of them in. They can all be found on Reverb or their site prolly. Yours for $2,999.00 I def want one but I have the CEO-7 and don't need one or have the funds. I wonder how they got them all.. PS. The CEO is 24.9 scale length while the 32' L-00 is 25". Prolly wont make much of a different feel? I had a '91 L-00 and it was way too long feeling...
  7. Just gotta check in here on 90's Gibsons. I have a 1991 J-45 standard. Got it on Ebay from an owner in Florida. Lots of finish checking and flaking off, etc. Came with the "shroud" case. It sounded great, but when I replaced the Tusq nut & saddle with bone it came alive! I love it. I've played against a SJ TV and a heavily cracked and repaired banner j-45 and it sounded far better. It's got scratches scrapes and cracks and I can take it anywhere. I see the 90's Gibson acoustics as "Entry-Level Vintage". (Or poor mans vintage if you like) -Conversely I scored and later sold '91 L-00 and it sucked. So, this endorsement may apply only to Jumbos.
  8. I'm kinda interested in your 96 L-00. I have a 92 j45 standard its brilliant. I think the acoustics from the 90's were pretty special. What is your L-00's neck like? Is it the standard 1 11/16's? Care to post a picture? -Just curious as I just got a CEO-7 & am trying to bond with it.
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