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  1. It was one of Neil Diamond’s main guitars throughout his career, especially the early days! Its a great singer/songwriter axe! Not so boomy or too cannon-like, won’t bury the vocals! I have a friend who has one as well... sounds great mic’d too!
  2. Love the K&K mini with pure preamp! I have it in 6 of my 7 Guilds, and will be taking the Fishman Aura Elipse out of my SJ200 and installing the K& K. It is, by far, the best system I have ever used for amplifying acoustic guitar. And even tho it’s a passive system, I always add the soundhole volume control...as more of an instant on/off. and no batteries inside the guitar!
  3. The K&K uses high quality transducers that are glued to the bridge plate inside the guitar, so it gets the sound of the GUITAR, not just the strings!
  4. I Agree with Towzend, a K&K mini will make that guitar SING! It’s a passive system, but get the volume control too, if you’re going to play it live. And get the k&k preamp too! I have the K&K mini in all my Guild guitars, and I am going to pull the Fishman out of my SJ 200 and will be putting in the K&K. its that good!
  5. I use the Snark S1 or S5, small tuners that hide behind the headstock, and work perfectly. Compact, out of the way, and virtually invisible to anyone but the player. Bright display and easy to use, and cheap enough that I have one in every guitar case and one for my gig bag. I haven’t had an acoustic with anything but soundhole pickup controls in a long time. I hate the idea of someone chopping a hole in the side of a fine acoustic guitar!
  6. Steve W


    I have a 2012 SJ200 Standard in Black, with gold Grovers and the factory Fishman Aura Ellipse system. Awesome guitar, and I can plug into any amp or board. The Fishman takes some getting used to and find-tuning. But once dialed in, it’s good!
  7. LOVE my black Sj200 Standard, but I have a couple of Guild F-50Rs from 2005 that are two of the best acoustic guitars I have ever seen, heard and /or played! Guild guitars are just flat-out amazing!
  8. I’ve tried different string makers and gauges over the decades, but I have always come back to 12’s... and always Phosphor Bronze. Especially for my jumbos! The warmth and richness... and the top end still bright! The 80/20s were just too thin sounding. Plenty of sparkle, but not much thunder. And 12s just seem to drive the top better for volume and tone!
  9. I think it looks fine! If that’s all that you’re concerned about with that guitar, your doing good! Enjoy it as it ages gracefully!
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