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  1. You're right ... i will ask the guitar owner for the serial. & When i will have the answer from Gibson (not tomorrow ) i will post the pickup model here ... Ok thank you Kid !
  2. Hi, I just bought a pair of used Gibson USA from an old Les Paul Studio 2003 (Gold). (inscribed Gibson USA on the back) And i just do not know which pickups it can be (???) But i made a comparaison with an other LesPaul that i have which have Classic 57 & plus on it. The only thing i can say is that the Classics seem to be more powerfull & rounder... the other have a really great sound & more clean ! Is this is possible for a 2003 Les Paul Studio with some Burstbuckers on it ect ... ? Thanks Daniel
  3. Hi Micheal, It's 950$ cnd ... yes i will see the seller in person ... the reconstruction of the guitar is visible yes !
  4. Yes the guitar has been broken Big Bill, but this is why i ask which model is this to get the right price ... a studio ? ... if the head stock hve been repair correctly, it should be ok ???
  5. Hi, I just don't know if this guitar is a real Gibson or even if it's a studio or a standard ect ... the only thing i know is that, she was made in 2005 ... please can you help me about this (look at the images) ..& how is his value ? Thanks a lot Daniel
  6. Thank you Guys for your fast responds ... Yes an investment on an appropriate transport to a real music store should be the solution ... i have to made a desicion ... Your responds are exactly what I wanted to hear ... Thank you all !
  7. Hi everyone ! There is no public transport at all where i am & no musical store, and i fear to death buy a guitar on the net. But there is a Best Buy store which sell a few Gibson, but there no showroom to see the guitars before. So, about this i have two question : Because i know how manufacturers work & does when they made a bad Job on a product, (to save money) they send it to a supermarket not specialized (in this case) in music instrument where the most part of the buyers & sellers are not musicians. Is this the case of the Gibson Family ? ... I have worked for manu
  8. Thank You Stein ... i will extend the wire to a prober length ... i really want the 57 + at the bridge ! Thanks Daniel
  9. Hello When we don't have money, things can be worst !( I want a LesPaul but i can't ) Here we go: I bought an Agile Al-2500 (used one) which have classic 57 & 57 Plus in it... (this was the reason for the purchase) But by lack of experience or ear, I have found that the pickups were not in the right place: C.Plus being at the Neck and the Classic at the Bridge ... Furthermore, the sounds of the C.Plus at the neck is not good at all to me (too round and dull glaring lack of clarity (Treble) Anyway I decided to fix everything, but I see that the 57 Classic is cut and is too short to
  10. Hi ***Les Paul Traditional Tobaco Burst edition special canadienne 2011*** ... the last week a friend ask me about the pickups in it, i realized that i just don't know ! Exact model: LPTDFTBNH1 serial number : 103911395 Les Paul Traditional Tobaco Burst edition special canadienne 2011 .... ,,,supposetly Yorkville canada asked Gibson to made 200 of these guitars ...strange ! (see the image) Now if it's possible, can you answer me about what kind of pickups it have ? Thanks you all Daniel
  11. Hi i will receive my Epiphone LP Tribute plus today ... what it mean if the pickups have no plastic protector on it : a demo ? I don't want a demo ! I don't want a dirty prostitute guitar ... it will be a return and a good post here ! thanks
  12. For now my choice is the Tribute plus, but is it the 60's Flametop as we see in this video : It's the same ? **There is a number to identify the guitar in every store ?** http://www.epiphone....lus-Outfit.aspx ... https://www.long-mcq...aded_Cherry.htm
  13. Hi thank you for your time: As mentionned, my demand is turns around a good quality build guitar. Well first of all i am not a real guitar player ! I play well but for composition only : i'm 53 so for me the stage is from the past .. from 1989 to 1992 i have composed many song that i have never finished ! I still have all of my compositions on 4 track K7 & also on floppy disk 3.5 for my the midi part ! Today it's a restart & i will finished my works ! Yes Old guitar music from the 70's -80's are really fun to play ... but modern is also great ! But for modern i already have a
  14. Beware of migrants when you will open the box
  15. Hi everyone ! For the last 3 weeks my research about my next guitar (no matter which one between Les Paul Gibson & Epiphone) ... is still without succes ! So i ask to Epiphone (& all of you) which is the Guitar that you have made which is the best in term of quality built : Wood ect ... At the same time i'm still in search of the Gibson sound ... I cannot make a decision ... too much information ! I love the crunchy sound ... a good Rock sound (not too Heavy). My budget was 2000$ CAD it's was for a gibson ... but in my mind Epiphone seems to be more attractives because of the
  16. Good morning America ! To be more accurate on my choice of my first Gibson ... I need references related to pickups used by musical bands ... Especially one of their musical piece of work where we hear the Gibson LP pickups sounds. Our choice should be better & more judicious ! A musical song with a Gibson sounds should give us a better chance to hit the guitar we want ! What do you think ? Any example will be appreciate ! ***the musical song+ the pickups used*** Thanks ! Gibson '57 Classic (plus) Gibson 490R Original Gibson 498T Alnico Gibson Dirty Fingers BurstBucker
  17. Monday i have to go to a musical store for a 2016 model & they have a lot of unsold 2015 model & the prices have dropped ... i have a question : even if i want a 2016, is there one model 2015 that everyone have a positive critics on it ?
  18. You right ! But they have stole my time ( 5 week) .. Now i have nothing against Long & McQuade, but i don't want to do business with their distributors Yorkville & i still want the head of the guy who did this ... also the seller at Long & McQuade has been too slow to see the mess that he was try to pass me ! Buy used is good , but for my first Gibson a brand new Studio Les Paul would make my hapiness !
  19. This is my story with Long&McQuade : A TRUE STORY 5 week before Chrismas i ordered a Line 6 Guitar JTV-69 Variax. The seller told me that the delivery is 2 week. I asked the seller that the guitar must arrive directly from the Line 6 because of my fear that it can be a demo ! He said ok but the delivery will be more longer ; i said fine ! 23 december i receive a call from L&M which said that my guitar is there. At the store: A seller arrives with the box & ask me if i want to see the guitar : YES ! He opens the box by one of two ends by helping. The first thing i saw is t
  20. Yes the Canadian dollar have been made weak by design to stimulate exports and the economy by creating Jobs ! ... i don't blame U.S It's just a little sarcastic ...It's just sad because i prefer U.S product than canadian product !
  21. Yes it's a good idea ! 2 days ago i found a GiBson Les Paul Studio on KIJIJI...after a few email & some words about Chibson, the guy told me that his guitar was a Chibson & asked me to negociate if i want ...
  22. Yes at the beginning it was my decision to do this but believe me i don't know enough the Gibson guitar to be safe ... there is a lot of Chibson in the street & believe me I would be a GREAT VICTIM ! The Chibson forces us ( the newbies) to buy a brand new guitar ... I have 3 old Ibanez Guitar from the 80's, 1 fender Strat & a poor JTV-69 HSS from Line 6 (the electronic on these guitar are a mess IT'S JUST A TOY) ... Gibson fans are right to fight against technology : it's POOR as idea for a guitar ! Thanks
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