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  1. I picked up this beauty in October 2015, thinking that the 1-5/8" nut width would not be a real problem. I only played it a few times, but that was enough to decide that these 70 year old fat fingers needed the 1-3/4" nut like is on my other guitars. So I decided to just hold onto the DIF until one of my grandkids got old enough to show an interest. None of them seem to have an interest so far, so if this is something you might be interested in, let me know. I live in Orlando and would be happy to meet up so you can look at it. https://reverb.com/i...acoustic-guitar
  2. I don't have much knowledge in this subject, but I hope it's not just a marketing ploy for substandard wood- especially since 2 of my higher $ Gibsons have Mystic Rosewood back & sides; a Doves in Flight LE that is highly figured and an Advanced Jumbo Luthiers Choice with a little straighter grain. I have owned each less than a year and am very pleased with the sound coming out of each. So far no indication of cracking.
  3. I agree those tuner buttons look a little funky. And when the camera catches the guitar from the side, the glare from the pickguard makes it look like it might be one of those 'flubber' guards. But it all looks good on her.
  4. I'm thinking it must be an 'acquired taste' type of thing.
  5. My first was Derek and the Dominoes, and I bought it mainly for Layla. Still have it 50 years later and it's still one of my favorite songs. I like both the original and the acoustic versions. At 69 years old, I still likes me some Clapton.
  6. Welcome aboard Steve. I'm sure you pick up lots of good information here.
  7. My wife and I took our first trip to the Great Lakes area a few years ago, which we really enjoyed. As we drove around and explored Lake Superior, the words of Edmund Fitzgerald (at least the first verse or two) kept playing in my head, especially on any boat/ferry rides that we took. Since then, I have learned all the words and really enjoy singing the song. But I do find that I have to exercise patience when singing it because it's such a long song that I have a tendency to rush through it. I have heard other perform it, but Gordon's version is the only one that I really care to listen to.
  8. I like both versions, but for me the slow one seems to go better with the underlying theme of the song. Good job.
  9. I really enjoyed listening to your work. Both the voice and the guitar are first rate. Plus, it helps that I have always been a big B&D fan. I like the other clips that you have done, also. Bravo.
  10. OmpDog


    Indeed a worthy encore. I sense a large reserve of natural talent mixed together with serious amounts of practice. Your skills would be impressive on just about any guitar, but that J45C really responds. I gotta believe that hanging around with you on the back porch for a few hours would be a real kick.
  11. I think we all agree with the 'Encore' sentiment and await your next offering.
  12. That was great. You are indeed musically gifted. Your recording setup really delivered a high quality pure sound. Well done.
  13. Hi there, I'm new to this forum for the second time. I belonged a few years ago, but kinda dropped off the map when life got in the way. I'm retired now (South Florida) and have much more time for my hobbies. I don't really think of myself as a guitar player- I own a couple of really nice guitars and enjoy making them squawk. Have not made any changes to them- maybe new saddles and pins sometime in the future. I enjoy readings the comments of others and particularly enjoy the performance clips. Glad to be back. OmpDog
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