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  1. Since changing out the nut for the Tusq nut I have had 0 issues and the LP stays in perfect tune... just sayn.
  2. Ok, we have gone ahead and changed the nut to a TUSQ standard nut and low and behold it's perfect. My ears or that guitar was not hearing it, in tune with that nut... It sounded out of tune to me. My tech claims that our ears are used to hearing the guitar out of tune using a standard nut which has been going on for years of course. He claims that compensated nuts are actually intune and our ears hear it as out of tune. Well whatever. I like standard nuts.
  3. Hey guys, so I got the guitar back a few days ago and from the same tech and he said the only thing he could find was the neck was backbowing a little and he made a correction, that was it. He said it was sharp the first day he had then seemed to settle in. I went and picked it up and was still not happy with the results. I have a good ear and know when it sounds right, or not. It was not. He said just play it for a few days. I did, I played it for a few days out of tune. We had a ton of rain in the past week and the past 2 days I found that it was now playing correctly and in tune. Wow. WTF... I'm still not sure what the hell is going on with this. So for now, it's playing good. I'll keep you posted
  4. Well I'm perplexed. All my other guitars, even a 20 year old Taylor acoustic hanging on the same hook it's been on, unplayed for about 10 months was in tune when I picked it up a couple months ago. I brought it back to him yesterday, made some adjustments to the nut and saddles. We raised the bridge considerably and put new strings on and re did the intonation.It felt great and played in tune while I was there, and had another guy who brought his guitars to him play it and said this plays great. Brought it home re tuned as it was out a tad, new strings and played it for about an hour. Strings were going sharp again. most noticablely was the a and d not jiving. Seems the a appears in tune on the tuner and at the 12 fret as well as the d however the d is flat on the fret board playing open a. Sometimes it feels and sounds in tune after tuning then goes sharp. I tune the guitar and as soon as I get the high e and check again, the e a d are sharp almost immediately. wow... I'm going nuts. I'm now sitting the LP close to the lite fireplace and see if a warm temp rise affects it. I will leave the axe with him for the weekend and maybe change to Grovers which I have. If he can't sort it out, it's going to someone else.
  5. There is no movement with TonePros bridges. They are set in place with an allen screw. TonePros has higher tolerances than other manufacturers so that there is minimal movement in places where you want none. They took over making Kluson for some time but lost out on the licensing this past year. The 2014 Les Paul Traditional and a few others had TonePros parts on them.
  6. I checked the guitar tuning now every 30 minutes or so without playing it and it appears to be more stable with the tailpiece up a little higher. I do think the bridge being on backwards is most of the issue.
  7. Understood. It is playing BETTER then it has ever played but still having some issues. This tech has been doing heavy repairs and setups for many many years and came recommended to me from a gear and tone snob buddy that has custom shop guitars. I will see the tech this week and discuss some of these concerns. Like my hair, I don't just go to anyone!
  8. Guys... please keep in mind I had similar issues with the original Nashville bridge that was on this... I am a former employ of Guitar Center of many years and have played and sold many Custom shop guitar and Les Pauls. I sold a $10K Joe Perry that needed fret dressing and a complete setup, twice on the setup. Set neck guitars mostly always have issues about the neck joint after they settle in. Some more than others, some less. The guy that did the best setup, which was on the Nashville is Mark from Wild West Guitars out here in California. He found that the Nashville bridge that was on there at the time, about 3 months ago, was actually flattening out from the string pressure. He heated it up and re bent it to the correct neck radius. I did play way better but still not awesome on the hi e side. He also did a fret level, well he said he did. I do have more fret wear now more around the open chord areas on the neck around 1-5 mostly on the ebg...appears to be my happy zone. hah
  9. It intonnates perfectly and yes with new strings. I've been playing for about 30 years. I have the ability to keep my guitar necks straight with truss adjustments as well as intonate as needed.
  10. That's a great question. I'll have him flip it this week. I do know guitars, I just missed this detail. About the frets, it was this way a few months after I purchased it. Most Gibson's tend to need a fret dress and or level even after new, it settles in to your climate depending on how it is. Great job Gibson.
  11. The guitar mostly sits in my studio, for the past year.
  12. Ok, now I feel like a ******... he put the bridge on backwards, you are right the screws are supposed to be neck forward. Now I need to pull out the saddles and reverse them all and flip the bridge. We'll he's going to do it. The guitar seems to drift sharp most of the time. The hi e seems farty acoustically, and it does fret out when bending above the 16th fret.
  13. I just rechecked the stop tail piece to see if it was touching the screws... it looked very close. I did change out the nashville for abr1. just told the guy to put it all the way down as normal I raised it up a bit and checked the clearance on each string and re tuned, with a slight intonation adjustment on the A. Still farty on the e but we'll see if that helps the tuning
  14. I always have had all my LP tailpieces all the way down. This has never affected the buzzing. I have also raised it and get the same, however it's only on the high E and B and only above the neck joint. The Hi e always seems to have a farty, buzzy sound to it.
  15. So I'm having a frustrating time with my 2014 Traditional. Since purchased there have been some tuning and intonation issues. It feels in tune, but then seems to drift and mostly sharp. Here's what's been done. Setup professionally about 5 or more times. New ABR-1 conversion bridge saddles cut and setup New Earvana nut cut and guitar setup again Frets and fretboard leveled, well at least I thought. I have sees a slight bump around the 16-18 frets mostly on the high side, and I do have some fret buzz up there. High E has always been a little, buzzy and or farty. I've lubed and graphited the nut as well. What are your experiences with nuts, Earvana, Tusq, compensated, non compensated, other. Tonally the guitar sounds great! But cannot seem to keep it in tune... WTF
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