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  1. I have 2, both Midtown Customs. Bought my tobacco sunburst first and it quickly became my #1. Sounds as good as any LP I ever played and plays better than most. My second is one that was very nicely customized by the previous owner. It is black with gold hardware and a gold Maestro vibrato. Been playing it a lot recently as I am prepping to sit in with some friends as a replacement for their regular who can't make a gig. It sounds different than my first and is perfect for their music. I like them both and have never done anything beyond string changes and seasonal truss rod adjustments. I am sure that like any guitar model there are some lemons out there, but not mine! Also had a Midtown Kalamazoo, which was a beautiful guitar and played very nicely. I tried using it for jazz, but just couldn't get the sound I was looking for from it, so I let it go.
  2. I have a ES-320. Kind of a faded cherry, almost pink! Late 60's, don't remember exactly what year at the moment. Also have a '69 ES-330 and a '72 ES-325. Great guitars all! Sounds like you have a couple of nice keepers there. I'm sure you can make them sing! Good luck!
  3. wtp

    Johnny A

    Any one else here have a Johhny A? I love mine!
  4. Nice 330! I have '69 in tobacco sunburst that is a sweet player!
  5. wtp

    Pickup for L1

    Thanks, BBG! I am looking at all the possibilities and have seen posts by Duluthdan on other sites.
  6. Recently acquired a Robert Johnson signature L1, a 12 fret parlor guitar. I love the way it plays and sounds, but being so small it doesn't put out a lot of volume. Anybody have any experience with a pickup in one of these? I want to keep it as natural sounding as possible as that 12 fret tonality is really unique!
  7. Missouri, I am sure that you have seen the most common pic of Robert Johnson with legs crossed at the knee with his guitar on his lap. I always thought that position a little odd....until I recently acquired a RJ Signature L 1. That is THE most comfortable way to play the thing! It is a 12 fret parlor, so it is fairly small. But once I found the position I have really enjoyed it. Maybe that will work for you.
  8. wtp

    Johnny A

    Thanks,Mikeo. Haven't been on in a while so just now reading your post. Johnny sounds great here! But I'm not looking for that much amp! I own mostly Blackface(real) Fenders and a couple Mesas and a mix of other things. Haven't had much playing time the last few months, so I haven't had the chance to try all of them yet. Hoping to do so over the holidays! When I do find the one I'll be sure to post about it!
  9. wtp

    Johnny A

    Stein, thanks for the reply. Haven't been on here in a while so just now reading your post. I have a very nice collection of real blackface Fenders, but I have been so busy the last few months that I haven't had a chance to try the JA through most of them. I have tried it with my 1965 Deluxe Reverb (loaded with a JBL D-120F) and that is the closest I've come yet to perfection with this guitar. But, as you mentioned, It gets dirty pretty fast! I have a feeling that my Pro-Reverb might be just a little better, maybe more headroom and warmer with 2 -12's. Hadn't thought about the Silverface amps being a little creamier. That might be what I am looking for. I have never owned a Silverface other than my Princeton Reverb, which is still a Blackface circuit. Never owned a tweed either, though I do have a really sweet 1961 brown Super! Hopefully over the holidays I'll get a chance to try some more amps. When I find the one I'll be sure to post it!
  10. wtp

    Johnny A

    Thanks, Charles! Haven't been on in a while, so just now reading your post. I have had several Mesas over the years and just can't seem to get a sound I like out of them. Other people sound fabulous, not me! Everything I put in them just comes out sounding too mid-range for me! I think part of the problem for me with the Johnny A is that with the longer scale and ebony fretboard it has a lot of "snap" on the attack and I am used to a mellower sound. Still searching for my sound with this guitar!
  11. Just got a '91 SST. Any one got any info on the care and feeding of this thing? Of course, it didn't come with any info. Should I keep a humidifier in the case like with a regular acoustic? Any recommendation on strings? This thing plays almost like an electric and has some sort of electric strings on it, but still gives a credible acoustic sound when plugged in. Not sure I want to go with regular acoustic strings on it. It is in very good shape, with minimal pick scratching on the top. I would like to keep it that way. Does anyone know of some kind of clear overlay that I could put on the top that won't damage it? Some kind of static film, maybe? Been wanting one for a while, and so far I really like this thing!
  12. wtp

    Johnny A

    Steve, Thanks for the reply and the welcome on the introduction page. I have also seen Johnny playing through the Marshalls. And I have seen videos of him playing through a couple of Twin Reverbs and even a Peavey on one video. I am not a big fan of Marshalls;just have never been able to squeeze a sound out of them that I like. Lots of people do a fabulous job with them, but not me! Strats are the same way: I'm all thumbs with one of those! And I love my Twin Reverb but, damn, I don' want to cart that monster around! So I guess I'll keep experimenting!
  13. wtp

    Johnny A

    I have a 2014 Johnny A Custom that I have only had a couple of months. I love the way this thing plays and the variety of sounds I can get out of it! Does anyone have a suggestion about what amp this beast would sound best through? I play Blues and Jazz and have access to all sorts of amps. I play with a mostly clean sound with just a little bit of grind.Any suggestions?
  14. Trying to figure out how to post. I am new here and can't post on the introduction page. Anyone know why!

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