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  1. Yes. Like this. But the most important the sound - it's great !
  2. Great Thanks, Friends ! I give a request to Gibson Service, they said, that its original Gibson DC. This was interesting to me. And this custom painting make the instrument unique and so cool ! Thank for attention !
  3. Thanks ! But I check now Gibsons logo - my logois totally the same to Gibson. Later I try to make more valuable foto. There few kinds of logo.
  4. Great Thanks, Friend ! I saw a lot off handmade and refinished instruments, this one don't look such - its too difficult. Also I see some similar to this instrument. Logo is normall, letter type is correct, it's hard to see on the photo. So, maybe, someone give some additional information.
  5. Dear Friends ! I have such Gibson - Gibson Les Paul Double Cut Custom Glow in the Dark. Very cool guitar, but unfortunately I can't find any information about it . I will be very happy , if someone can help me with information - exact model, amount of guitar, any information. Great Thanks !
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