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  1. Hi Crippy, Your 78 is located here: http://www.nysse.com/LPshipp.html
  2. Hi Mike, Have you tried Blue Book of Guitar Value? It's been quoted at gibson.com You have to pay $3 or so for the information, but it might come in handy. Best of luck
  3. Hi, I have some Gibsons from the 80's. Would be nice to know the total shipment details for those specific models that current year from Gibson. For my 1979 Les Paul Custom it was easy as pie: just looked it up in Gibson Shipment Totals 1937-1979 by Larry Meiners. Anything like that for models manufactured in the 80s? Cheers!
  4. Tried a new sg standard p90 2016 T yesterday... it is fantastic! That neck! I mean established 1884 and it took you this long to figure it out? P90s rock. Sg rock. The 2016 T rocks. Gibson, from the bottom of my heart; thank you!! http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/SG-Standard-P-90.aspx
  5. Come on .... update please! This is SOOOO exciting! What if you actually have a real 59 or 60!!! I feel like a cartoon figure at the moment!
  6. I'm sorry Levers. I really am. I wish you the best.
  7. Hi, This might be a bit too late, but any who: have you checked the blue book of guitar value? https://bluebookofguitarvalues.com/ You can purchase information of your exact model. Cost you $2,95 pr model. Else I would google the crap out of it. :)
  8. Hi! Have you read here: http://guitarless.com/2010/05/buyer-beware-fakegenuine-les-paul-photo-comparison/ http://guitarless.com/2009/11/how-to-spot-a-fake-gibson/
  9. Hi, Update: I purchased a membership at blue book of guitar value yesterday to see if I could get any information there. Nothing. https://bluebookofguitarvalues.com/ How does Gibson like emails regarding old guitars? I guess they get a lot, and are not that found of it? I don't wanna be a burden ;)
  10. Hi Grog! Appreciate the page. It's a start:) I must say the 347 is hard to find any solid information.
  11. Hi, I have a handful of Gibsons. Among others one 1979 Les Paul Custom alphine white (now more creamy yellow), and a 1981 ES-347, also alphine white (now more creamy yellow). Before we go on, I have read "the history of ES", Wikipedia, this site and marshallampsforum sites. What I miss is truly a trustworthy book/database that can actual tell me something of the design, specification and history for my guitar models. Does this exists? The problem with internet is that there's too much information, and it's not consistent. I.e my ES-347 white is a fairly rare thing. I'v
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