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  1. Hey guys, Realize I've been away for several years now, (as part of an overall effort to spend less time on internet forums.) But I've been checking this place from time to time. I hope you'll bear with me now...Couldn't think of a better place to pose this question. Anyway, I'd be really curious to get some feedback about something that's been a struggle for me for some time: How to write a good melody when writing a song. [that is a song you sing to, not an instrumental piece]. Everyone talks about lyrics, everyone talks about chords and instrumentation, but it seems like no one really talks about melody. Whenever I try to come up with a melody to sing to when writing a song, it sounds way too similar to the chords I'm playing underneath. But in any good song I cover, I can tell that melody is similar but also really different than the chords that you play. I've bought a book or two on songwriting but it seems that they are too formal and technical when discussing melody, and I don't think real world songwriters follow the approach in these books. I do know some basic theory, but still, these books seem a little excessive. I can also tell that if you listen to enough music [whether rock, country, pop, folk, whatever] songwriters are obviously digging into the same bag of tricks, because I often catch myself thinking oh, these 3 songs have a similar type of chorus. Or, this artist always composes similar melodies. So, what is your approach to making a good melody? I hope this gets some responses; I know there are a lot of good songwriters here, but the forum has been awfully quiet recently. Avery
  2. You know, I always find it interesting when I see pinky-anchoring...I know many great guitarists do it...but I just avoid it entirely...kind of have my hand resting on the bridge-pins...Obviously there are some much more experienced players here...and I'm curious as to what folks see are the advantages are (or not) of pinky-anchoring. Of course...don't want to hijack a great song you posted...just saying that I just avoid anchoring my pinky.
  3. Like the song (never heard it before), and it really showcases a different side of your voice...really deep. A very nice listen...
  4. Keith, very nice to hear your fantastic vocals again, after what seemed like a a really long break.
  5. Not a trekkie, and I still loved it! Fun tune...and guitar and voice in top form. Love that bird...maybe even more than your J-45...it's close.
  6. Lars, I think your neighbor's playing greatly elevated the song, giving it more of a structure and form. And I enjoyed your singing too more on the version. Thanks for sharing it, I enjoyed listening!
  7. Yes, I really like the arrangement you did, fretplay, some very nice guitar playing there. It's also cool to hear the vocal in a deeper register than the original...gave the song a different feel which I liked.
  8. Yeah! Great tune Buc...Love the J-45, your singing and that nice swinging groove in that tune. I'm sure it would go over quite well if you preform it again.
  9. Cheers fellas, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. Thanks Mr. Paul...I love this song too... Thanks EA, very kind of you. Versatile, thanks for the song history and the advice... Buc, playing this tune reminded me of your songs...it's got that pick strum feel that you often use. And J-45 Nick and Buck, yeah, the top bracing is not the kind of thing I'd notice, but I'm glad you folks did and find it interesting. Lars, the way you described your recording experience is exactly what I go through. I do try several times, and am probably staring off into space thinking about nothing...
  10. Welcome, Mr. Paul...isn't that one gorgeous-looking and sounding guitar. I won't say anything more and will let those who know a ton more than I do about guitars exclaim about it. Very nice singing too. I like your and clear and honest vocal delivery. Very well-suited for this story-telling song.
  11. Besides for the great technique, that is the kind of melody that would be great in a pop song. And I mean that as a compliment...a real "ear worm" that sticks in your head. I really enjoyed that...and the bright tone in the J-185.
  12. Thanks a lot Keith and Kelly...and Sal again. Not the most comfortable guitar in the world...but that was probably why I could afford it. Love that thump in the bass. She is a 1968 J-50.
  13. Cheers, Sal, I am always open to suggestions...that is one area where I think I can improve...honestly, I am not sure where I look when I turn on the camera, and no doubt I get a bit of the red-light nerves...
  14. Hey there guys, Recently discovered the music of Tim Hardin...one of the not so famous 60s 70s singer-songwriters. But man, what a talent. Here is a cover I did of my favorite tune of his...(on a new/old guitar I just got!) Apologies for the not so ideal audio quality... As always, I appreciate the listens and the comments. Thanks guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHAP9V-DHMQ
  15. Sal, really great production...all of those instruments really blend great...loved the mando.
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