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  1. If I as german could fine out what a dryer sheet ist, you as a native speaker could find out as well. I translated the result in german, so that other german can find out as well. And WTF are YOU?
  2. in German: Ja, wenn es jetzt nicht rockt wird es wohl an mir liegen. Üben, üben ... Grüße nach Spanien aus Berlin
  3. Great! The dryer sheet solved the problems with the static buzz on my Gibson Les Paul Standard. It was so easy. I touched a surface area e.g. the back of the neck - buzzing - I rubbed this area with the sheet and touched it again - silence! In German: Knackt und knistert es im Amp wenn man die Oberfläche z.B. einer nitrolackierten Gibson berührt oder darüberstreicht, kann ein antistatisch wirkendes Tuch helfen. Die entsprechenden Stellen mit dem Tuch abreiben. Danach kann man diese Stellen berühren/darüber streichen und es ist Ruhe.
  4. thanks Capmaster, my LP was just recently checked by an specialist and in terms of grounding everything is fine he said. But I am surprised that he and also the service staff of europes biggest musicstore had no clue to help me with the static buzz. I just ordered the same guitar one more time. But anyway the knobs are not turning well. Maybe the other LP has better knops.
  5. thx a lot to badbluesplayer and Mr. C.O. Jones. I will definitely buy me a packet of dryer sheets. I'll tell you the result. I just read about dryer cloth and that they are antistatic. That gives me hope!
  6. Hello, I just bought my first Gibson after playing several years an Epiphone Elitist Studio which is very nice. The look of my new Les Paul Standard in Honey Burst (2014) ist awesome. But when I touch the body I hear load buzzes and cracks in my little amp (Blackstar HT5R). Near the toggle cover at the back it is loudest but also when I slide down the neck or over the body. A guitardoc checked the LP and found everything is ok. I read something about the Gibson polish that will help. Are there experiences that the electrostatical charging will end some time? Otherwise I have to send the guitar back :-( Thanks for any helpful answer. Carsten
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