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  1. Think of your tubes as incandescent light bulbs. Turn em on leave em on for long periods they last longer that on and off in short periods of time. So if I fire my amp up and give it a few minutes in standby, if I know I'm going to be playing sporadically through the day such as you do, I'll leave it on until I know I'm done for the days. I just turn the volume all the way down. If I know I'm done playing for the day I'll put it in standby for around 15 minutes before power down. My little fender champ with no standby gets the same treatment. Just volume down and let it cook.
  2. Yeah. Epi/Gibson doesn't have em I've scoured eBay and reverb and all those places to no avail. I know it had electar jcb-1 low z pickups, one volume one tone I phase out of phase rotary switch and a variable gain switch for 3 levels of gain along with pickup selector. Quite the interesting guitar.no other pickup fits the slots. Even dogear p90s are too small. I would really like to get it back to original but the longer this search continues the more it looks like one destined for the scrap bin. Kinda breakin my heart as its plays wonderfully.
  3. Been there months ago. Still can't find what I need. Where can I cen replacement parts?
  4. First timer to the forum and I was wondering if you guys could help me out? About 6months ago I acquired an epiphone les Paul signature hollow body goldtop for 200 bucks. Sounds like a decent score right? My issue is it had no electronics in it. Completely gutted. Well for the last 6 months I have been on a hunt for the original pickups and controls to no avail. I even contacted epiphone about a month ago and still haven't received a reply. Does anyone know where I might be able to locate these or who the manufactured them?
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