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  1. Luis, I totally understand the constraints and the lack of time you have for DD development. I also belive the main reason you haven't heard anyone using the DD Solo or VST version of deckadance is simply down to it not functioning correctly to make it usable. I scoured the net for articles and forum posts on DD inside a DAW and EVERY SINGLE post, comment etc stated that it wasn't 100% right to use (as a VST plugin - usability) with some using workarounds and most just jumping ship or giving up because of it: http://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?t=17764 https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=396298 http://djtechtools.com/2010/09/26/deckadance-1-70-ready-to-rock/ https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=88123 Its like DD is just 'almost there' but fails at the last hurdle because of the lack of investment in the VST implementation (an area which no other dj software competes - DD can own this market), where in reality it could leap ahead of the other top 4 or 5 software titles out there if it gets this right. Everyone is screaming out for Traktor & Maschine to be integrated, but imagine having DD and Ableton working flawlessly = so much more you could do. If this was done right, and marketed correctly it will attract more users and increase sales. At the moment DD is simply playing catch up with the other big name DJ software titles, but this could be an opportunity to change all that and make DD the software everyone is talking about. I think if you can fix the midi clock to DAW issue for next release that would be a great first step and if you could even allow MIDI CLOCK output via midi scripting or something easier that would certainly open up the interest in that side of things again.
  2. Luis, Did you get anywhere with this 'fix' at all? looking toward midi clock sync between both Host DAW and DD VST plugin is probably the biggest USP's deckadance has over the other DJ software using it as a VST plugin, otherwise its pointless. Not sure if you can fix/do these quickly enough for next release?... - Auto sync vst DD global clock to host DAW clock - Option to Send Midi Clock (scripting?) - so we can do workarounds to control DAW clock if need be - Ableton LINK Integration? On another note have you considered also implementing NI's STEMS technology yet with their SDK?
  3. Luis , Sorry send you a PM and realised you answered most of my questions in here in the forum already. Check the PM anyways as there is a main point about the collection window in DD Solo. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Luis, I think its must of been the Deckadance 2 VSt 'mini' .dll that i had with 2.4 - im assuming DD Solo is the same thing with 2.5 onwards? But i have 2.5 now and cant find DD Solo or the mini version? Also what is the changelog features for 2.5?
  5. Luis, hit me up if you want a beta tester ;) - admin@bitwigbeats.com
  6. Luis, i will have to check again to see. I am currently building up a nice DAW related DJing project using Bitwig Studio actually (as i run www.bitwigbeats.com blog) and i couldnt work out why the plugin wasnt showing my library in the solo version compared to the main vst plugin. This NEEDS to keep going in my opinion. I think it would be just because it is Deckadance why it was never shown the interest (no disrespect), if it was Traktor as a VST it would take off like a rocket to Mars! - im excited about it (Deckadance) though and im a vast Traktor user. One thing that would be cool is somehow the capability to modify or update/sync the current host tempo to the playing tempo track in Deckadance.
  7. Guys, Can you tell me how the development of the VST plugin version is going? specifically the single deck VST as when i use this, there seems to be no library of music and/or a way to designate the library. It doesnt read a library from the main library - is this a fault? I have to physically browse my HD for tracks within it, which is no good. we need to use the library/collection.
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