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  1. Finally (after 1.5 weeks) got an answer from Gibson customer service: "Your observation is correct, the guitar model you own has the EMG 81 in the neck position and the EMH in the bridge position. The information on the website will be corrected ASAP."
  2. I was changing the batteries in my guitars and noticed that my Gibson Kirk Hammett Flying V, which I bought in www.tomassone.it three years ago has EMG H pickup in bridge, and EMG 81 in the neck. You may notice white logo on the bridge pickup and what left of silver logo on the neck pickup. (Logo colors are described here: http://www.emgpickups.com/media/productfile/h/_/h_b245_0230-0106re.pdf ) Photo of my guitar: http://xybor.ru/images/img_7312.jpg But the second to last paragraph on this page tells it is vice versa: http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Flying-V/Gibson-Custom/Kirk-Hammett-Flying-V.aspx Could you please tell me what is the right configuration?:) Maybe anyone owns this guitar. Or just knows how it's right. Or maybe someone here is Kirk himself?:)
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