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  1. Late to this topic, but... That's an 1939 A-1. A-50's from that period had pearl inlay and a bound fingerboard. The A-00 had a back brace visible through the sound holes.
  2. Thanks for the info. I haven't figured out how to post pics here yet, but the guitar is heavily "distressed"-most of the paint is gone from the face-it looks like water damage. When I got it, the varitone switch was down in the cavity, and the ground wire was loose. I took it to my gig on Saturday, and it sounded great. Unfortunately, it got knocked off of it's stand, and the peghead broke! I glued it up on Sunday, and I'll restring it today. Oh well, I only paid $25 for it.
  3. I just picked up a Blueshawk at a yard sale on Saturday. It didn't come with a case, and I'm wondering what kind of hard shell case will work for it. Les Paul? SG? Thanks!
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