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  1. Scales we use at home for suitcases before flights, so I am pretty confident they're as near as dammit. Funnily enough, a guy downstairs has just got a new Les Paul Standard, and invited me to try it. It didn't feel that much lighter. What's the going rate for weight these days? If there is such a thing.
  2. Yes, original owner and never had any water damage or anything like that. Out the case, played, back in the case. I bought a used Rickenbacker once, that smelled that way. Never thought it might have been something to do with water, but that figures!
  3. It’ll be like a feather! The guitar itself, though, is so good that I almost feel guilty for moaning about its weight.
  4. Thanks, Pippy. The dream is that the next one will be a Custom Shop, hopefully light! Really like the look and sound of a CS 1960 I’ve seen on Wildwood YouTube. Need to look at their weight now.
  5. Yes, a standard, which I understand would have weight-relief!! To be fair, it has great tones and records great, too, but I must admit to picking something else up if I’m just doodling on the couch. Plan on getting a lighter LP when I have some money, but it is a nice-sounding beast with no other issues.
  6. My 2004 Les Paul is almost a stone in weight, at 13 lb+. Is this unusual? It plays, looks and sounds great, but feels much heavier than previous LPs I’ve owned. As I get older, it gets less comfortable over long periods standing. Just wondered if many players on here have Gibsons this sort of weight. Thanks.
  7. Hi. My first post on this forum, and nice to see one of the many guitars I really fancy getting when I have the cash! I think the second clip, though recorded quieter, is better. Your playing has improved, the sound of the slightly older strings is nicer on the ear, and Pyramid are great strings for acoustics. Have you tried Thomastik-Infeld? I just put them on my D28 and it's like the cliche, but true: I can't stop playing the thing, they sound so gorgeous. Also had great luck with Pyramids, though. I have a Gibson Les Paul which I love, but really thinking about a Bird after playing one in a local store a few years back. It was so different from the D28 and would really complement it. Keep up the good work and don't ever, ever sell this beautiful guitar! :)
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