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  1. Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you have thoughts on why there are only two hard cases available from Gibson store. While most of their guitars come with cases, there must be some demand for replacements for damaged or worn out cases or upgrades from old chip-board cases to protect that beloved old Gibson. All I see these days are the Les Paul, SG, and a gig bag available on the site and J-45 cases available anywhere else. Is it a transitional thing between model year stocking or do they do this normally? Best Ryon
  2. I love that sound! There is a difference I noticed the saddle is slanted on your f-25 where ours is straight across. Gibson sure had fun with their designs in the 60s.
  3. HI all, I'm in the middle of looking at my father's old gibson acoustic, just for fun. And since there are no identifying labels inside the body I've used other clues to get this far. It looks like it is a 1968 F-25 Folksinger as it has: 12 frets clear White pearl dot on a wide fretboard X-braced Low rosewood bridge w pearl dot inlay adjacent either side of the bridge pins Solid pegboard Classical shape ~10" upper bout /14 1/4 lower bout Yellowed purfling top and bottom yellow two ring rosette serial number stamped on the headstock, no "made in usa" - 89XXXX SN so built around
  4. Hi all, I wanted to leave a quick note about myself. I'm a guitar hobbyist from NorCal living in the bay area. I own a Les Paul Studio and have always loved the Gibson brand ever since my father and I sat by the record player practicing along with lessons on an old 45 with our acoustics. Now I'm middle aged and have started again, taking beginner group lessons along with my daughter. I'm interested in the tones and construction of older guitars. Best Ryon
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