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  1. The joke doesn't escape me, but it was spun in such a way that it became a falsehood. If we stuck to the truth more, perhaps there wouldn't be so many falsehoods.
  2. In this shot you are referring to the nut looks perfectly fine (disregarding whatever the whitish lines on the high E side of the fretboard kissing the nut are). In fact, it looks better than the nut of my Custom Shop J-180 probably because this one here was hand-fitted and set up extra for him. The strings are not burrowed in some deep string slots either, so I don't expect any binding issue here. The meat of the back of the nut has also been filed off and polished smooth and the string slot height seems to be set up low for easy first-frets playing.
  3. Finally someone man-handling a J-45 on a promo video. I like his bold attack, though I don't know anything about him as a musician. His signature model's features are quite desirable, I find. I love me a round 50's style neck, too, even on my electrics. It gives the guitar a certain feel and relaxes your fretting hand because there is no gap when grabbing between your hand and the neck.
  4. At this point it is probably best to forego the satin-finish look and polish it all up to a semi-gloss sheen. You won't get the original satin sheen back. The problem with raising the grain by using the steam method on the back of the headstock, in order to mitigate the depression there, is that the lacquer and color located there will be affected by this method because it is not bare wood. Hence I would not recommend it, too risky.
  5. Without having posted any pictures no one gets to celebrate an NGD here.
  6. Real players go for Open E.
  7. Two many windings on the E string posts.
  8. The sides of the fretboard (as was the whole guitar) were lacquered with a nitro-cellulose clearcoat finish. The nut was oversprayed with that same lacquer as well which is why the wings of the nut now turned an aged cream-color. A crack in the nut, which in itself is rather rare, is not apparent anywhere.
  9. The picture is too tiny to see anything of that kind.
  10. I know that you absolutely hate these strings (which is why it's so funny), but I found them to be leaps and bounds better than any kind of acoustic strings I have tried before, including the new Gibson phosphor bronze coated strings (which are in itself excellent). But then again the Optima gold strings are especially pricey, but the feel and tonality are something else entirely. I might give mediums a try after all, as I have a few Adamas medium strings lying around somewhere.
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