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  1. @62burst @j45nick: Quite the contrary. I am not into that plinky-plinky, sitar-like sound you hear from guitars with shallow saddles (been there, done that) where the saddle's break angle of the strings has become almost non-existant anymore. You want as tall a saddle as you can get away with, especially with newly bought guitars, for the better sound and to make doubly sure that it has decades of life left before a neck reset becomes imminent. In that respect, I would not have purchased that J-180 in your photo on the left (not even on the cheap), and I can only applaud Gibson's Custom Shop for getting mine right, though I never had any doubts in the first place. As for the long-term review of my J-180, I never bothered posting it because it has quickly become a moot point. I need no convincing myself and every bit of praise in front of others would be taken in disbelief or understood as hyperbole. I got the legendary sound I aimed for, great comfort and ease when playing, and just the perfect snappy string resistance when picking or fingerpicking due to the scale length. She can be a thunderous, roaring beast or a tender, loving mistress, whatever fits your needs, and she doesn't drown your vocals out. She records superbly well. A neat little box that will hopefully outlive us all.
  2. Why would the string be misaligned upon turning around the saddle piece?
  3. The turnaround from the factory is pretty good. If you are across the pond, which I assume most of you are not, you will have to account for import, though, extending the waiting time greatly. It is my understanding, however, that regulations have been further relaxed concerning the export and import of finished instruments. In case you needed an appetizer, this is my J-180 Custom Shop ordered and delivered through Gibson's Made 2 Measure program (don't mind that it's a lefty):
  4. You can order any guitar with any specs you want through their Made 2 Measure program with your (supported) retailer. It will be a custom shop guitar.
  5. Even after decades the lubricant shouldn't have vanished. Regardless, those Kluson style tuners have that hole for the purpose of lubrication so you might as well go ahead. Remember: a small amount goes a long way.
  6. Long-term review (one month later) Excellent, excellent strings. Consider me a convert.
  7. Remember to always tune up to a note, never down to a note. It's unlikely your (closed) tuning keys ever need greasing the way they are made these days. Some tuning keys can be lubricated from the outside. Kluson-style tuners, for instance, have a prefitted oiling slot for that purpose.
  8. I don't believe it. No reasonable guitar shop would do such a scam. The rammifications with their customer base as a whole would be devastating. You don't want to close shop on your 20 buck scam. And you don't want to lose your brand partnerships either due to that.
  9. The gold top? I have my eyes on that model as well. Gibson are mostly sold out and they are hard at work keeping up with demand.
  10. Check the pickups themselves to see whether they have been replaced.
  11. Gibson are in the process of completely revamping their content side of business. Expect more and different stuff soon.
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