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  1. That is highly doubtful, and there is no conclusive evidence for that. It is more likely, simply by exclusion principle (for what other choice have companies got at this point given the laughably low number of string plants in existence on U.S. soil), that Gibson, like so many others, contracted one of the only handful of American string manufacturers in existence (most likely D'Addario) for producing Gibson-branded strings and according to their submitted string specs and packaging design.
  2. Fresh from the factory, all SJ-200 models come with 12-gauge strings and are also set up that way.
  3. Having pictures would help evaluate the issue and determine the type of tuners you currently have on your guitar. If only the tuner post shaft is crooked, perhaps it can be bent straight again. For brand-new tuners, I prefer Kluson wafflebacks or their excellent 3-per-side Kluson Supreme keystone offerings.
  4. And some fancily braided string ends at the peghead that I haven't seen anyone do anymore since the 70s.
  5. If the glue and leather remnants have eaten into or reacted with the nitrocellulose finish, no amount of naptha or other solvent (that doesn't harm the finish at the same time) will clean up the spot. It's perhaps best to give this one a pass or have the owner try it out on his own (he has probably already tried and failed, otherwise he would sell a cleaner one for more).
  6. Take the guitar to a trusted luthier or the Gibson Repair and Restoration services, and have the issue fixed professionally. The bridge needs to be taken off, the spot of the top where the bridge was attached to and the underside of the bridge cleaned, the underside of the bridge, perhaps, reshaped so that it better fits the bellied top, and the bridge firmly reglued to the top.
  7. Are you referring to the Gibson Repair and Restoration service? That's Gibson's official service for anything related to Gibson guitars, and they, of course, know their craft and expertise. Why you would ever resist working with them is beyond me.
  8. The neck feels sticky on the back after some playing because the moisture in your sweat found on your palms sticks to the finish of the guitar. Sometimes I use Gibson Guitar Polish to wipe down the neck before playing, to make it perfectly clean and smooth, but then again my palms are not sweating much while playing. If you have got a lot of sweat build-up, the neck can become quite sticky and you won't be able to easily slide up and down the neck the longer you play in a single session (without wiping down the neck and washing your hands in between). One way to reduce that neck stickines
  9. Pictures would help evaluate the problem. It sounds like a really bad case, though. Any kind of layman work you do to the guitar can only make the issue worse and the value plummet—I can tell you that much already.
  10. Personally, I think it's a beautiful top. As opposed to an Antique Natural finish, noticably darker grain lines work for me on a Vintage Sunburst finish. The sides are supposed to be a dark brown, not black, so that is correct. But all that doesn't matter—it all comes down to whether you like it if it's going to be your guitar.
  11. Get a separate lower or higher saddle made for the summer or, conversely, winter. This way you can always adjust the action down or up as desired and when seasons change.
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