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  1. Can you feel the spot protruding? If so, it might be the odd lacquer or glue spot of which an application of acetone would make quick work. It might also have been a marred spot in the fretboard, or damaged at the factory during production, and which was subsequently filled with rosewood dust and super glue as a form of cosmetic repair.
  2. The easier question to ask would probably be which artist had not played a J-45 in his career yet. Probably not very many.
  3. This is mostly personal preference of noncutaways over cutaways, so worry not that you may have made the wrong choice. For one, I do not need easier fret access past the fretboard extension, and the look, feel, and sound of noncutaways is not something I want to cut away in any shape or form. I also like my fretboard extension to be properly supported on either side by the body of the upper bout, which is something no one else would worry about. I am looking forward to your NGD post coming up soon. Welcome to the Gibson club!
  4. The Chroma series is a modern take on established models like, in this case, the Songwriter. Personally, I can see myself liking the slimmer body and fast neck but a cutaway is hard pass for me in general. I like the choice of woods as well but would probably not come to terms with the Black Cherry Burst finish. I don't mind the choice of ebony for the bridge and fretboard, or all the other appointments.
  5. There is a slim version called the Anthem SL.
  6. Clapton and a guitar with that kind of back? Count me in.
  7. Naturally the steel string is physically coming into contact with the top of the fret when depressing. Depending on how hard you slam the string down, or how high the action is, this can very well result in an undesirable sound. What is the action like at the 12th fret? How old are the strings?
  8. Someone's taking this bait; there's always someone. Who's it gonna be this time around?
  9. Very nice! I got the same model and equally impressed.
  10. Neither the headstock nor the bridge design was revealed, the de-facto hallmarks of any guitar builder and a major selling point. As boutique guitar builders, I think Ferguson & Son will do fine regardless. Ren still championing the J-185 design is more than charming.
  11. It is hard to tell from looking at the snapshot whether the nib is completely or partly broken off, or still hanging onto there to some degree. If you still have the missing piece, it can be super-glued back on; if it's gone, it's probably best to get rid of the nib remnants, and round off the fret with a file, so the string no longer gets stuck on the sharp fret edge.
  12. That is Musicman's way of doing single-ply-only binding on the body. They use a special epoxy as binding material. I doubt anyone would adopt that technique. Probably also not easy to repair.
  13. A higher resolution snapshot and one up-close the seamline would help the analysis.
  14. I have ordered through the M2M program. You can read all about it here: And this was the result:
  15. Public perception is a fickle mistress. But I guess it is hard to deny that the rebranding of their guitar lineups and the new, modern marketing efforts worked. However, they were making great guitars before the change in leadership and will continue to do so after this era.
  16. Rather than return, it is more like Ren never left guitar-making.
  17. Spend a dime and some time, and get your guitar a professional setup by a trusted luthier or whatever work needs to be done to this. Now, after the guitar is professionaly set up, here is the thing about intonation: intonation is nothing to be concerned about. A guitar is always slightly out of tune. It is a tempered instrument after all, so you are always making compromises up and down the neck for what you are doing.
  18. If you put it back into its case, it'll smell longer. It's really the innards of the case that transfer the smell (use your nose).
  19. This is the start of some beautiful finish checking.
  20. Check out these two videos below whether that's what you're experiencing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h-mbpU8AxE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2PoPZ9OcMA
  21. It's a combination of a shielding issue as well as the then-new plastic backplates they used back then as far as I remember. Do a quick Youtube search to be the wiser and how to go about it.
  22. A bridge rebuild or higher saddle is probably the way to go.
  23. Thanks for sharing. I always associated that typcial Play-Doh smell with a new Gibson guitar finished in nitrocellulose lacquer. Now I know that's not it.
  24. I'm glad everything worked out. I find mine (after doing the setup) incredibly easy to play and laughably easy to do all kinds of bends on up and down the cane.
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