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  1. A musically updated take on an old Crosby classic, I can dig it. I wonder if you shouldn't have taken your chances of updating the lyrics for a new age as well, you know, going the extra mile of making a good reinterpretation a great one and making the words more meaningful to today's listeners. Not sure if Harburg is still alive to do so himself.
  2. The only capo I use and that does it all is the G7th performance (1st gen).
  3. Jerry Rosa is a blast to watch. I wish I had access to that great a luthier as him here.
  4. In short, the double bane of the southpaw player plus a very specific taste. I love Gibson guitars, and while I could get a preowned factory lefty J-45 without too much trouble, I'd rather aim for a more compact J-180 Everly for now. I've had an 1967 Epiphone Texan before (as well as the recent reissue), but she didn't really feel comfortable playing to me due to her size and/or body shape. And as you can probably imagine being a southpaw looking for specific factory-lefty Gibson has become quite the hobby in and of itself. As for the J-45 hell videos above, well, I've never seen such a b
  5. More info on the guitar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJNQJtm9rl4
  6. Bedell guitars seem like high-quality builds. Which model exactly did you get? I wish the headstock shape or appointments were a little more pronounced, and I'm not sure how I feel about fretboards made out of walnut. I doubt I could get any of their Brazilian rosewood guitars imported due to that exotic tonewood being red listed here.
  7. I take it there was no serial number to be found on or inside the guitar. A brown label (with splotched pattern) indicates it's made in Japan during 1980-1987. The bolt-on neck was a way for Epiphone to reduce the manufacturing costs.
  8. Once the guitar is repaired do you consider getting her refinished in full (perhaps even at the Mothership)? I'm guessing the extensive repair work alone, though, is already going to cost a pretty penny.
  9. I can only imagine that J-45 was a refurbish of some kind or a salvaged factory reject. I'm interested in where that's going. Tough luck for the luthier, though. On another note, I can only recommend watching Rosa String Works if you're interested in luthier work (it's also entertaining). Jerry Rosa does hands-down one of the best luthier repair work I've seen to-date and he also films it very well (nothing compared to StewMac's short clips). I wish I was living in the States just to have access to that luthier...
  10. Recently, I've been more and more into watching luthier footage, specifically of Gibson repair jobs. Here's how a seemingly straightforward repair job on a J-45 reveals to be a massive disaster coming straight from the factory, serving as a potent reminder to always watch out for potential flaws of an instrument when buying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsIuzv7n9ok
  11. Here's my experience: I've found the Shadow pickups and preamps to be highly susceptible to malfunction and cheap-sounding—overall they're simply garbage in my view. After the Shadow NanoFlex in my Inspired by 1964 Texan started to malfunction (loud feedback buzz), I asked the retailer I bought her from to completely replace all the electronics including the built-in preamp, which they did. I got her back working as intended, but in the end I let her go for good. So far, in my view it's only Ovation that got the acoustic/electric right.
  12. Exactly what kind of issues do you experience with the pickup?
  13. It sounds to me the guy in the video is using a too heavy pick on both those acoustics.
  14. If you didn't get the s/n wrong, it's entirely possible that the year of manufacture be a single digit. (The unofficial Epiphone wiki lists that as a possibility for 1997 or earlier models at least.) For that to be true, you'd have to have acquired the guitar in or after 2002 or the guitar's indeed from 1992, though. If so, SI|2|02|12870 equals Samick, Indonesia | 2002 or 1992 | February | unit #12870.
  15. If legal advice is what you need, consulting a lawyer is a good idea. Related Gibson articles: Gibson Leads Industry Fight Against Counterfeit Gibsons Counterfeit URL Submission Form
  16. I love True Vintage Guitar. They've got the best vintage Epiphones you can buy these days.
  17. Really nice find! With the amount of J-45 imitations at the time I had already given up.
  18. Thanks a lot for the reply. Yeah, that lefty J-180 from Japan has been cruising around eBay and, I may say, Reverb forever. (I believe, unlike in our hemishpheres, the Everly is very popular over in Japan; the color scheme, size, and appointments are particularly to their liking.) If it weren't for the smaller '68 moustache pickguards of that model (which are hideous btw), I'd perhaps have already jumped the gun on that one after requesting a few more bits of information on that particular guitar from the seller. Not sure if anyone's taken note of the Ren Ferguson Everly on Reverb yet
  19. I think your first educated guess may be right on the money. The headstock looks very Hofner-like (diamond inlay), and overall it's very close to a 1960's Hofner 491 (sold as "Western" in the UK) in cherry sunburst with a few more bling appointments, perhaps a Custom Shop of sorts or simply an oddball. Considering Hofner copied quite a few Gibsons in the sixties and seventies (J-45, Dove, etc.), this shouldn't even come as a surprise to me, yet I'd have never thought of it.
  20. Can anyone identify the round-shoulder Gibson dreadnought below? Any help is much appreciated. Looks somewhat close to a Southern Jumbo to me, but then again there are some striking differences (e.g., fretboard inlays, pickguard pattern, headstock inlay) and I don't know anything at all about Gibson dreadnoughts to really tell the difference.
  21. —that's all there really is to it. End of story? Melodically, your song "Sweetheart Caroline 2" is just too monotone to show your worth as a singer. Why don't you sing one of your childrens' songs or so for us if feedback is what you really want? For example, the hymn (chords here) is a great lesson in singing; the first two verses are entirely written in C major, the purest of keys, making it a great practice piece for the shower.
  22. No, it doesn't. Not with a proper luthier.
  23. There's not enough information here to assess the purchase even half-competently. Who knows what the insides look like or if that tonewood isn't ruined from the get-go. To begin with, what model exactly is it? For sure, it's a major repair job that not only takes a skilled luthier but also a pretty penny to get right.
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