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  1. Really nice find! I could listen to Ren dissecting Gibson guitars, especially of the J-185 shape, all day.
  2. Then you can still get spare parts from Tronical directly.
  3. Sooner or later you'll run into new problems with robo tuners. Personally, I would swap them out entirely for regular ones.
  4. Check for neck straightness and adjust the truss rod accordingly. If you can't do a setup yourself, I always recommend getting the guitar to a competent luthier or guitar technician for a professional setup. Other than that, Erlewine's Guitar Player Repair Guide for self-education purposes is a good starting point for DIYler.
  5. I like the 57 Classic Plus, same for the Super. Get a good amp.
  6. Get the guitar to a competent luthier or guitar technician.
  7. The saddle height is adjustable...
  8. Not a desirable guitar in my eyes. But there is certainly some truth to it that a really good acoustic guitar is especially inspiring to pick up and play.
  9. Richlite is actually not cheap. If I were in the market for a guitar with an ebony fretboard, I might go for it.
  10. By chance I discovered this: https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Acoustic-Strings
  11. I went with a fine comb over this one again: If I Laugh (1971) *revised* A master class in the art of double-tracking (guitar and vocals) and a showpiece for the sublime sounds a Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar in Open E tuning is really capable of.
  12. Wax is a very good natural and protective coat for guitars that have either no finish to begin with, or, through old age, end up having almost no finish anymore. For instance, Gibson uses wax on their sustainable series as a sort of finishing coat. But using it as a protective coat on old guitars with worn-out finishes is another application worth consideration. I would never use it as a cleaning compound on nitrocellulose finishes, or any other soft lacquers for that matter, and stick to true and tested care products instead, of which there are plenty.
  13. Well, your Studio definitely looks freaking awesome, backs, sides, and all.
  14. JC, on a different note (since you can't receive PMs for some reason), do you have any solid information what string gauge Cat Stevens used, or still uses, on his guitars (esp. J-180)? In the '60s and '70s, I assume, medium gauge strings were still en vogue. Do you know if he still uses them? Hope you and your family are all well. Best, Leonard
  15. Gibson sells a care package for cleaning old guitars. I'd go with that.
  16. I love me some Grovers but I dislike the kidney button ends. Gibson started out using Grovers with keystone ends, as is the case on my 2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard, and I wish they'd go back. I've never seen Slash using an actual Gibson acoustic on stage, or any acoustic for that matter. My J-180 is in full swing. You should get one yourself or let them make an Everly Historic for you through their M2M if you haven't already. Don't waste your money on an ordinary J-45.
  17. Doesn't strike me as different, sound- or otherwise, from other J-45s except perhaps for the neck profile and it being an artist signature model. I don't like the kidney-style tuners at all. I wish Gibson would do away with them entirely on their modern lineup. At least give us keystone-style button ends.
  18. The nut slots are ever so slightly too narrow (likely at the channel end) for the gauge of your strings. A guitar tech would make quick work of the issue. Nut sauce might also help until the slots have widened themselves over time. You can also take an old string and rub it along the slot to help ever so slightly widen the channel. It's annoying for sure for the end user.
  19. It is not Gibson's business to do maintenance on second-hand guitars, and you are not entitled to such a service for no charge. Apart from that, I would go with a proper bone nut.
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