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  1. Both the volute and the TOM . were added to the ES 175D in 1976. So you've got the date as close as you have to for value. The Tom may have been a dded around the same time as the tuners, as both would have been thought at the time as upgrades
  2. Nope, worthless. You can send it to me i will dispose of it for you.
  3. not an expert but the pot sounds like it needs cleaning. or replaceing
  4. while great condition might add a small premium. I doubt that the guitar will ever be of any great collector value. any increase in value will be strictly tied to inflation sell it for as much as you can get for it ( lots of them out there ). get the guitar you want.
  5. Is there a number on the back of the head stock ?
  6. They numbered solid body Gibson's like that from 1953 till sometime in 1961, All solid bodies including lap steel guitars That is not how they numbered acoustics. I do not Know how they numbered acoustics but someone will chime in.
  7. funny switch location as most line up straight with upper pots. looks like neck PU is moved away from neckjoint but not as far as most. could be 58 maybe edges sanded down on refinish. non original bridge
  8. Unless it's a reissue, late 1959 1960 or early1961. Specials changed from single to double cut mid 1958. Neck pickup moved back from neck joint to strengthen the weak joint late in 1959. Les Paul removed from headstock sometime in 1960???maybe 1961. PS late 59 unless refinished from TV yellow rounded off body so not 1958. you might have to look at pot codes if original to get a closer date.
  9. that amp is older than 59 that style was from 40's maybe very early 50's
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  11. 1965 or 1966 in beautiful condition
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