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  1. Hello All, I am trying to figure out a mystery with a particular Epiphone Acoustic. With help from some very knowledgeable folks, here's what I *think* I know. This is guitar is probably a 1990's PR 350 - made in Japan. The headstock shape, logo, letter script used, diamond shaped fret markers, points to a 1990's PR 350. The Mystery: There is no tag inside the body. No blue or Tan tag. No Serial Number. The biggest mystery: On the bracing inside the body there is black text that appears to be stamped that says "EPIPHONE - KALAMAZOO, MI USA". This does not make any sense for a 1990's MIJ Epiphone. The stamp does not say "Made in Kalamazoo". Here are what I think the possibilities may be...... 1) The stamp is an intentional fake? 2) Some spart parts that were in the Epi plant in K'zoo were shipped to Japan. Maybe some bracing with this stamp was used to make this guitar? (This seems unlikely since Gibson and Epiphone had been moved out of Kalamazoo for a minimum 5 years by the 1990's. 3) Possible prototype guitar? Maybe pre-1990's? 4) An older body - from maybe the 70's with a newer 1990's neck? I really don't know. I was hoping someone here may be able to impart some knowledge to me. Thanks.
  2. That is a great description. Explains to me exactly what I was looking for. Thank you
  3. Just picked up an Epi Les Paul Tribute Plus yesterday. Can't put it down. Picked it up at Guitar Center (Southfield, Michigan) and the guys there went above and beyond with a really nice set up for me. It sounds, feels, looks beautiful. It's only been a couple days, but I think it's great. I also have a Fender American Tele Standard (Which I also love). There's a big difference between the two. The first noticeable difference is the weight. The LP is a lot heavier feeling. The next difference is in the tones you can get from the LP. Deeper, more growl when you're looking for it. But, with the push/pull on the LP, you can get very Tele-ish tones, and also early 'Fab Four' sounding tones. It really can run the spectrum. It's very versatile and a joy to play. It is the heaviest guitar I've ever had on my shoulder (my first LP experience) but that is a very minor consideration to me. In a nutshell - LOVE IT!
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